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Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 11

Death of Liberty Dollar Site and More

URGENT: The Liberty Dollar site may be killed. I suggest you save the site while you can. Pleases read the first article and the Legal Update below. My apologies for this late Newsletter. My computer had a terrible virus and then I was in court for the Status Conference. And please note #6 as Kevin Innes' deadline is only days away.

Table of Contents:
1. Death of Liberty Dollar site?
2. Grab Your Handbasket...
3. Surviving the Middle Class Crash
4. Massive Revolutionary Changes
5. Obummer Ups the Troops!
6. Please Help Get Kevin Out!
7. Liberty Dollar in Harper's
8. Gold Monetary System Supports Peace
9. Legal Update

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. Death of Liberty Dollar site?
At the Status Conference in Statesville, North Carolina, the DOJ demanded the Liberty Dollar site be removed as another condition of my Appearance Bond. Judge Voorhees has given LD until December 21 to hack out info that supports the circulation of Liberty Dollars. As there is no guarantee that our changes will be acceptable, you may want to save the Liberty Dollar site. As a defendant, I may not be able to host it after December 21. Please read the Legal Update below for more info.

2. Grab Your Handbasket...
Without almost any fanfare, the US National Debt topped $12 Trillion dollars on November 17. So what the hell does that mean? Quite frankly, this latest disgrace simply confirms, yet again, that the government is dedicated to destroying the US dollar and all the "money" you have. So grab your handbasket because the country is going to hell.

My viewpoint is that the government's plunge into debt is part of a much bigger global effort. And even though the US government may not know it, or that Obummer may ignorantly stumble through it, the world's population is about to experience the hyperinflation and all the unpleasantries of social disorder, food rationing, marshal law with troops stationed at major intersections and the rise of a dictatorial government. Shame on us American to have failed in preserving the Founding Fathers ideals!

Now I am not a conspiracy theorist because much is not theory. But the government's irresponsible, asinine, screwed up, whatever-you-want-to-call its "monetary policy" will bankrupt the county and everybody in it. This is just crazy! Especially, since every country that has gone down the hyper-inflationary depression road has ended in a dictatorship. All this makes any thinking man or woman wonder why our government would debase its currency and catapult the country into such dire straights unless it was for their own sinister political agenda.

Unfortunately, we don't know the government's real agenda or how successful or enlightened the new technodictator will be. And while I would like to think that Obummer is as honest as he is glib, history certainly presents a very dark lesson of all hyper-inflationary depressions. Even at this early stage with "only" a $12 trillion national debt, the upside down housing market, raging unemployment, currency controls, stop and searches, the war on guns and your money, all foretells an alarming scenario for the not too distant future.

If you have any doubts, just consider that as our National Debt has risen, the purchasing power of your "money" has collapsed. In fact from 1913 to 2001, the National Debt grew from zero to $6 trillion dollars in 88 years and the US dollar lost 96% of its purchasing power! In the next three years it increased a trillion to $7 trillion. In the following years it increased approximately a trillion per year. Now the National Debt is over $12 trillion dollars!! It has DOUBLED in only eight yeas! The acceleration of the national debt is a huge warning and signals a rapid loss of your purchasing power in the immediate future.

Remember, just a couple years ago, $12 American Federal Reserve Notes still bought an ounce of silver, just like 12 German Mark Notes bought one ounce of silver in 1919. Will it take $543,750,000,000 America Federal Reserve Notes to buy one ounce of silver like it did in German Mark Notes on November 7, 1923?

One of these mornings when you will wake up, the sun will be shining and all your money will still be "safely" in the bank. You might still have access to it. Or you may not. Meanwhile, we might easily see a 12,000 or 20,000 or even 100,000 Dow! The talking heads will still be dishing out pabulum. Regardless, when the US dollar collapses and America wakes up, our money will not buy enough for us to live. Even though we will all be millionaires, we will not have enough to eat so don't be surprised when we are all in the same soup line. As a Liberty Dollar supporter, none of this should be a surprise and the discomfort minimized if you took action.

This latest monetary milestone is but another confirmation that the United States and most of the world is ratcheting back for a moon shot towards a hyper-inflationary depression and then I hope a new value based currency, which in itself is good. Unfortunately, first our money is going to hell in a handbasket. The big questions are: What is your lifestyle going to be like in five years? What will American be like under a dictatorship after the US dollar fails and is replaced with a new global currency? And will these massive changes come about via peaceful cooperation or war?

I trust that since you read this Newsletter and are part of the of the Liberty Dollar family, you have taken care to protect yourself, family and money. If not, please use "dollar cost averaging" to secure as much gold and silver as possible while it is still possible. I firmly believe that silver will provide the best security blanket to go with your handbasket and will likely outperform gold 5-to-1 and maybe more.

There is no doubt about it, these are very dangerous times. And they are going to get even more dangerous, maybe even life threatening. But they are not without hope or a positive value based monetary system. Remember, America was the only country in recent times to survive 5000% inflation, after the Continental Convention removed 'bills of exchange' from the US Constitution and returned the country to a gold and silver based monetary system in 1787. Unfortunately, Obummer is no Washington. Not even close!

For more info on hyperinflation please Google same or click HERE.

3. Surviving the Middle Class Crash
Gerald Celente has done more than most to alert Americans to the problems that the current monetary régime will foster upon our country. Please take a moment and click HERE for "Surviving the Middle Class Crash" a quick video on the consequences of our national debt from one of the experts of our time.

4. Massive Revolutionary Changes
One of the most astounding facts is that after the Y2K and 9/11 crises had passed, the Fed promptly reversed its monetary inflationary infusions and pulled out the extra billions from the banking system.

But this time, Mr. Bernanke has done precisely the opposite. Since he inflated the currency and DOUBLED the reserves at the nation's banks with his 112-day money-printing frenzy in late 2008, he has thrown still more money into the pot. And late last month, the monetary base surged to new, all-time highs.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just more of the same trend that we have witnessed over the decades. It's a massive, revolutionary change in the entire structure of the U.S. monetary system and our economy.

Please click HERE to read this excellent article by Marin Weiss at Money and Markets.

5. Obummer Ups the Troops!
For the President to run on ending the war (in Iraq) and win the Peace Prize, this should disturb every American. Same old bait and switch. Trade one war for another war. If you read "Grab" above, you should be grabbing your pitchfork too! This is really sick!

For Obummer to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan is as bad as when Dictator Roosevelt knew of the attack on Pearl Harbor well before that Sunday morning but never alerted them. Some people call this murder. But America's brave boys and girls are not the only people who this President will murder.

Piling on another $45 billion in debt (if you can believe that figure) as part of the $1.8 TRILLION increase for the National Debt will murder more Americans. It will make it harder for Americans to survive, it will increase crime and lead to real murders. Now that's "leadership" for you! Of course that will in turn bring about more draconian measures for even more government crack down!

Unfortunately, it will not end there... just look at all the stats, as if you can believe any of them. The poor senior citizens are also being murdered with the ridiculous low inflation rate while food prices bound. Even though every US President has "massaged" the figures, Clinton takes the cake for cooking the books and killing the seniors' right to the money they paid into Social Security. Obviously, if you don't eat or live in a house with a mortgage or pay rent, you have no inflation. Obummer just continues the government SOT (Standard Operating Theft).

It is all this pure crap that is fueling the people's total disgust of the federal government. God help us all because as bad as it is, unfortunately it is going to get a lot worse. Please don't wait until the US dollar is worthless to take action to protect yourself.

6. Please Help Get Kevin Out!
Poor William Kevin Innes has it worst right now. Please click HERE for a heart-rending letter from jail by Kevin, calling out for your help. He really needs to get out of jail and we need his help on the defense team.

Since his arrest the first of June, Kevin has been held in the God-awful County Jail in Charlotte, which is as bad as it gets. Please help get Kevin out now, as the Affidavit deadline is DECEMBER 21. It only takes a few minutes and costs almost nothing to fill out this Affidavit, notarize it and mail it to Kevin's immigration attorney:

Ms. Jordan G. Forsythe, Esq.
756 Tyvola Road, Suite 160
Charlotte. NC. 28217
Phone: 740.522.6363

Please support the Liberty Dollar by helping Kevin get out of jail. Please download this Affidavit, fill it out, notarize it, and mail it to Kevin's attorney. And remember the Affidavit deadline is DECEMBER 21.

7. Liberty Dollar in Harper's
WOW!!! Harper's magazine just published a huge eight-page article on the Liberty Dollar in the January 2010 issue. Please pick up a copy today at any local bookstore or newsstand in your area. Their article has been in the works for about two years and reflects the candor that many thoughtful readers have come expect from the current generation of Harper's editors. Since 1850 to today, Harpers has fine-tuned their insightful ability to focus on the times and feature them in amazing articles and thoughtful art. Most recently, Harper's focus had been on corrupt American politics. Congratulations to Sam Shaw for his truly amazing article that reads more like a short story! Please get a copy of Harper's and find out for yourself.

8. Gold Monetary System Supports Peace
It is a simple fact that if the government had to pay their war costs with gold, there would be no war. It is one thing to defend the country when attacked such as the War of 1812. But it is quite different to attack a country based on a lie about weapons of mass destruction, destroy own country's monetary system, heap pain upon its citizens and then switch to another war! Obummer is the nicest word for any such president. At a time when reason is so needed, it is in short supply. At a time when a value based monetary system is so needed, it is all but non-existent.

For more info on what a new age gold standard could be, please click HERE for the Organic Gold Standard (OGS) or dig out my book, SOLUTION, and read Chapter 27, page 237.

9. Legal Update
The long and curious road of the Liberty Dollar trial and all your confiscated gold and silver continued with a Status Conference held at 2:30 on December 7 before Trial Judge Richard Voorhees for the Western Federal District Court in Statesville, North Carolina. All Liberty Dollar Four defendants were required to attend with their attorneys. I shook hands with Kevin and he seemed to be in good spirits. Thank God he has such a good strong positive inner strength. The hearing was interesting. The top purpose was to set a new date for trial, now scheduled for March 1, but don't bet on it. The hearing also dealt with the 1.8 million documents that the DOJ provided defense for discovery. Quite frankly, there is no way to digest so much material and develop a defense strategy, which was most likely the DOJ's ploy. At this time it seems unclear how the DOJ is going to reply to our request to pare down the material so we can develop a defense strategy of which they have little interest in.

What is very clear is that the DOJ does not like the Liberty Dollar and is trying very hard to kill it and load my Appearance Bond with more restrictions. As I explained, the ugly truth is that if you are arrested for a federal crime in North Carolina, NO BAIL is set. Yes, even though the Eighth Amendment states "no excessive bail" it does not state that any bail must be set. And the US Supreme Court has upheld that no bail is required to be set. So, the ugly truth is that when you are arrested for a federal crime in North Carolina, you either get out on an Appearance Bond with all its restriction, or you don't get out!

The newest restriction to my Appearance Bond is the DOJ's demand for me to take down the Liberty Dollar site because is it is contributing towards the circulation of the Liberty Dollar. Of course that is not true because you have not been able to order any Liberty Dollars since my arrest on June 4, 2009. What is true, is that this is an infringement on my First Amendment right of free speech. But who gives a damn about that? Certainly not this government. Nor is my First Amendment right an issue, because the DOJ's action "only" relates to the terms of my Appearance Bond. Cute, eh?

Meanwhile Judge Voorhees upheld Magistrate Judge David S. Cayer's ban on filling the Tea Party Dollar orders. So I regret to inform you that your First Amendment right to political expression must wait until the Liberty Dollar Four win to receive the balance of your order… Unless you would like to exercise your First Amendment right and take legal action… If so, please let me know.

Warning: The Liberty Dollar site may be killed. I suggest you save the site, all outstanding orders, your login info and password for eLD, RCO, Liberty Associate and any other info that you may need regarding the Liberty Dollar, while you can.

Closing Remarks:
It has been another interesting month as the Liberty Dollar Four case works its way through the federal labyrinth. But we are not without hope and resolve to win. The trial will not be a walk in the park. In fact, this is a landmark case regarding our country's monetary system. The government is dead set against the Liberty Dollar and will do almost anything to kill it and the people's right to protect their purchasing power from the theft of the government's hyperinflationary fiat monetary scheme.

Please stand with us in defense of a private voluntary barter currency. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you for all your efforts to return America to value - one Liberty Dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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