Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

The Goals of the Liberty Dollar

And how it intends to achieve them

To put a powerful proactive symbol in the hands of the people that builds consensus every time the Liberty Dollar changes hands.

To educate the people about the our country's monetary system and how they can protect themselves and their money.

To issue an honest medium of exchange that maintains it purchasing power.

To help the American people preserve their wealth and alleviate some of the pain and suffering from a monetary crisis.

Liberty Dollar intends to achieve these goals slowly. This is to say that the success of the Liberty Dollar is designed to be a gradual, evolutionary process rather than a costly and destructive revolutionary process.

This evolution begins with education, as one person shares the Liberty Dollar with another person. The process continues when you use the Liberty Dollar for day to day transactions. And it accelerates when you become a Liberty Associate.

Every time you convert a US dollar into a Liberty Dollar, our country is one dollar closer to a sound monetary system. Sure, that may seem like an infinitesimal bit of progress, but that is exactly how evolution happens.

The simple, peaceful, private action of converting US dollars into Liberty Dollars is making a vote for returning our country to value based economy - one dollar at a time. It's a vote that - unlike a vote in the electoral process - really counts.

You will like the feeling of the Silver Liberty in your hand and that your Liberty Dollars are backed by and redeemable for .999 fine silver. You'll like the feeling of knowing that you took action that counts. The Liberty Dollar is not owned by the Federal Reserve. It is owned by the people who use it.

American Liberty Dollar has grown from a small group of dedicated Americans into a large national organization by good people like yourself choosing to protect the purchasing power of their money with the Liberty Dollar and continues to expand in a truly decentralized fashion. You are invited to become a Liberty Associate. You will be doing what is right and making money too.

Special Note: It’s NOT the purpose of Liberty Dollar to avoid taxes!