Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

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Silver with Benefits   

2009 Silver Liberty   

Currency    Currency Color 2009 Liberty Dollar Currency Color    Currency Color

Currency Currency Color

One Dollar Front    One Dollar Back

Five Dollar Front    Five Dollar Back

Ten Dollar Front    Ten Dollar Back

Twenty Dollar Front    Twenty Dollar Back

Fifty Dollar Front    Fifty Dollar Back

Silver Liberty FrontSilver Liberty BackGold Liberty FrontGold Liberty Back

Ron Paul Silver Liberty FrontRon Paul Silver Liberty BackRon Paul Liberty HalmarkRon Paul Liberty Numbered

Four Liberty Collage Miwaukee Silver Liberty Peace Dollar

2007 Hawaii Dala Kam Obv   2007 Hawaii Dala Rev

Bernard von NotHausBernard von NotHausLiberty Dollar Booth

Bernard von NotHausBernard von NotHaus

Black Debt Balloon
Bernard von NotHaus discusses the National Debt in front of the Federal Reserve Bank at 33 Liberty Street in Lower Manhattan New York on August 16. 2006. He presents a profitable solution to resolving the National Debt, personal debt, Social Security, and other monetary issues facing America.
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