Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

Bernard von NotHaus


Bernard von NotHaus, one of the world's foremost experts on private currencies and alternative economics, retired eight years ago after 25 years as the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint. His work over the past three decades has been cataloged by television, radio, and print medias and featured in Super Structures: "Making Money" on The Learning Channel, Paul Harvey's News & Comment, Forbes Magazine, major newspapers, and numerous books and publications.

Von NotHaus studied Art and Architecture at Kansas State University for six years. Since 1974, when he wrote, "To Know Value" - an economic research paper, von NotHaus has studied economics and monetary history. In 1997 von NotHaus wrote "Free Market Currency" and proposed the world's first working model for an Organic Monetary Standard. In 1998, with the support of other concerned Americans, he introduced the Liberty Dollar to exemplify the principles of a free market, value backed, private currency that is free from government control.

In 2003, he wrote "The Liberty Dollar SOLUTION to the Federal Reserve", a 500-page treatise. He is well known in the numismatic community as an original thinker who relishes the type of complex problems he encountered while designing and developing the Liberty Dollar, a money owned by the people, not the Federal Reserve.

Currently he is the Monetary Architect at the Liberty Dollar organization, a non-profit, free enterprise entity that to date has distributed $20 million Liberty Dollars to a network of over 100,000 people as a way for Americans to grow and protect the purchasing power of their money from inflation.

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Bernard von NotHausBernard von NotHaus

Bernard von NotHausBernard von NotHaus