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Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

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Message from G. Edward Griffin:


"On page 573 of The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, I wrote that, before we could abandon Federal Reserve Notes, we first had to be able to convert them into real money. I said: "That means we must create an entirely new money supply which is 100% backed by precious metal; and we must do so in a reasonably short period of time." Well, you have to be careful what you recommend, because Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary Architect who designed and developed the Liberty Dollar, did exactly that. And although I initially thought there were too many obstacles, to my surprise, the more I studied the details of his plan, the more convinced I was that by Jove, it just might work! My business, The Reality Zone, is now a Liberty Associate, and I urge you to get in on the ground floor and join this growing group of concerned Americans as a Liberty Associate now!"

- G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island

Want to protect your money, do good and have fun?

The easiest and safest way is to become a Liberty Associate!

What is a Liberty Associate?

A Liberty Associate is an individual, business or organization that has signed a contract with the Liberty Dollar and gets the Liberty Dollar at a discount or face value with a commission. As an Associate there are no dues, no meetings, no obligations, and no time requirements. Associates are not required to exchange the Liberty Dollar back to US Dollars. Now with the Liberty Dollar at the $50 Silver Base it is $500 to become a Liberty Associate. As a new Associate you immediately get $200 Liberty Dollars back, your referrer gets $200 for sponsoring you, and Liberty Dollar retains $100 balance for administration. So you spent $500, you got $200 Liberty Dollars back and are out $300. But as the Liberty Dollar is opposed to Associates being in debt as much as our country being in debt, we ask you to sponsor two new Associates. And since you get $200 for every Associate you refer, just sign up two friends, and you actually made $100 while doing what is good for your friends and the country! Refer more Associates - make more money. You can refer anyone, anywhere, anytime over the Internet. There are no geographic limitations or boundaries. There are many international Associates already. PLEASE NOTE: The Liberty Dollar is NOT a multilevel marketing company (MLM). The Associate program is a simple, single-tier sponsorship program, just like Amazon or PayPal.)

What do Liberty Associates do?

Associates get the Liberty Dollar at a discount or face value plus a commission and are encouraged to use the new currency and profit in everyday transactions. Currently the Liberty Dollar is available to Associates at a discount. Of course the round, coin-like, one ounce Silver Liberty is the most popular. The Associate discount price is based on the daily silver price that changes daily, to provide the fairest value to everyone who uses the Liberty Dollar so you will want to get as many Liberty Dollars when silver is low, like right now! Silver price and Liberty Associate Rate is quoted at the top of the Home Page. For more info and to stay current with all the Liberty Dollar developments, please sign up and read the monthly newsletter: Liberty Dollar News. Associates are encouraged to get their questions answered and currency from a Regional Currency Office (RCO). Click HERE for a list of RCOs. Please click RCO Business Plan for more info on how to open a RCO if there is not a RCO in your area.

Likewise, the daily Merchant Discount Rate is also quoted on the Home Page. No, the Liberty Dollar is not just limited to consumers. In fact, the Liberty Dollar works even better for merchants because a merchant sees more consumers per day than consumers see merchants. Astute Liberty Merchants have quickly discovered that they can often make more money "Making money - Making change" that they can on the item sold! So if you are a merchant and you want to make more money, simply put some Silver Libertys in your cash register and offer them ars when you make change. Make more money with the Liberty Dollar, do good and be happy.



Who are Liberty Associates?

Associates may be your neighbor next door, the merchant at the shopping center or your child's schoolteacher. Doctors, teachers, shopkeepers, factory and construction workers, managers, office workers, CEOs, even bankers are Associates. Anyone who does not misrepresent the Liberty Dollar may become an Associate. Since the Liberty Dollar is a private voluntary barter currency, the qualifications are minimal: You must be a responsible person, complete and sign the Liberty Associate Contract that requires an email address, and pay $500 fee are the minimum requirements to become a Liberty Associate. No government identification number is required. Nor are you required to be listed on the website, unless you choose to be.

Why Should I Become a Liberty Associate?

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

-- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Becoming an Associate is the right thing to do. The Liberty Dollar can protect you, your family, and our country from the economic hard times that inevitably follow big government spending. Plus, it is profitable and fun to use. Your $200 referrals for each new Liberty Associate you sponsor can you be financially independent. The Liberty Dollar is a localized currency that is spreading rapidly! Introduce the currency to your community, church or the businesses where you shop. Start with the small independent businesses to grow and protect your money. The Liberty Dollar will bring stability and publicity to your local community, build a strong local community as it circulates and thereby guard you community against outside monetary problems and protect it from financial crises like inflation. It will also enable your community, church, business and family to prosper. So develop your community's awareness about the positive aspects that a value backed currency can provide for them, with or without a monetary crisis. Alert your local businesses so that they too can profit by becoming a Liberty Merchant. Protect your money, do good, and have fun. Become a Liberty Associate and starting using the Liberty Dollar today. It is good for you, your family, and your community.

When Can I Become a Liberty Associate?

Right now! It is far easier to prepare yourself and your finances before the hard times hit, than after! Now is the best time for you to protect your money and to become a Liberty Associate, and if you are in business, it can also act as a traffic builder for your business or organization. Free listing and advertising on the Liberty Dollar web site is also available. Our free Affiliate Program can help you generate more Associates, more income, and keep track of your referrals. Please join the booming list of distinguished Americans, as the Liberty Dollar brings together "the people" for the largest, positive, peacetime effort to protect your money and build a strong America! You are encouraged to become a Liberty Associate today.

Where Do I Become a Liberty Associate?

You can become a Liberty Associate or Liberty Merchant right here by clicking the link below, or you can print out the application and mail or fax it to the Liberty Dollar. You can also simply call the Office toll free (888.LIB.DOLLAR or 888.421.6181) to get your questions answered and sign up right over the phone with your bank card.



Please contact the person who introduced the Liberty Dollar to you, or the Associate whose name was printed on the Liberty Dollar brochure, or CALL: 888.421.6181.

Your support is your best opportunity to protect your purchasing power and profit from inflation - one dollar at a time!

Thank you for your interest and support in the Liberty Dollar!