Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

How to use the Liberty Dollar

Are you having fun with the Liberty Dollar? Thousands of people just like you have discovered the solution to understanding money and are using the Liberty Dollar. And you can to! Here are a few tips to help you use the new currency successfully.

1. Read the Success Stories about how other Americans are using the new currency.

2. Education is an important part of using the Liberty Dollar. Please read all materials included in the kit you received as well as review all content on our website. Most people do not understand how money works. The merchant you are about to use the Liberty Dollar with must know that the Liberty Dollar is private, non-government currency; so it cannot be deposited in a bank. It is not 'legal tender', a 'coin', or United states government money like Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).

3. Although prudence would seem to indicate that people would refuse a currency they've never seen, this is simply not the case. After thousands of transactions, the Liberty Dollar is readily accepted most of the time. It is meant to be circulated voluntarily as barter, accumulated and collected.

4. Simply offer The Liberty Dollar with the confidence that it will be accepted. After all, why wouldn't it? When you offer the American Express Card, if it is not accepted, they tell you. Likewise, if the store does not accept Liberty Dollars, the cashier will tell you and you can simply pay another way.

5. "Do the Drop!" The best way to introduce the Liberty Dollar is to drop the Silver Liberty in someone's hand. Do not hand it to the cashier, Drop it! Hold a one-ounce Silver Liberty a couple inches above the outreached palm and drop it so it lands flat in the person's palm.

6. Now the hardest part - don't say anything! Just wait. Let the person marvel at its beauty, weight, and discover it says TWENTY DOLLARS. When asked "Is it real?" Answer: "Yes, one ounce of silver PRIVATE currency valued at 20 dollars." Do not rush. Just stand there and wait, patiently. No need to smile. Just wait.

7. After 30 seconds, say, "I have US government legal tender money too [show the cashier FRN cash], but would prefer to pay with silver." If the cashier hands it back immediately, you may ask her to show the currency to the manager, or just pay some other way.

8. Never use a Silver Liberty alone unless the sale is greater than $10 and less than $20. If the total is greater than $20, include the Silver Libertys with FRNs.

9. The Federal Reserve does not require anyone to understand the monetary system to use their currency. In fact, they thrive on the people's ignorance about money. The Liberty Dollar is all about knowing what money is and simply brings choice to the marketplace.

10. Be sure to read lots of Success Stories online that tell how the Liberty Dollar has been actually used in commerce by people, just like you.

11. Email your own Success Story when you have an outstanding experience using the Liberty Dollar. We want to hear from you!

12. REMEMBER: The Liberty Dollar is a PRIVATE inflation proof currency and is NOT United States government currency, 'legal tender' or a 'coin'. Using the Liberty Dollar as barter for products and services at businesses across the country is voluntary.

Now, give the Liberty Dollar a try. Discover the fun for yourself! Make money, do good, and have fun while protecting our purchasing power - one dollar at a time.