Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency


As we all know, different words have different meaning. Some words have more than one meaning. And other words have been given special legal meanings by the government. For that reason, it is very important to know these special meanings to stay clear of any conflict with the government. The following words have special meaning and significance. Please use these words correctly and never refer to the Liberty Dollar as noted below:

    SILVER CERTIFICATE: A paper warehouse receipt that is a legal document between the bearer for a specific fine weight of fine gold or silver that is issued, insured & guaranteed by the third party warehouse.
    SILVER LIBERTY: The one ounce .999 fine silver piece specie that is deposited with the warehouse prior to the issuance of a Silver Certificate.
    LEGAL TENDER: A currency, usually unbacked by any value has been declared to be legal by a government who often demands its citizens to use it, much to the detriment of the people and the growth of a tyrannical government. The Liberty Dollar should never be described as "legal tender," as that is a nice way to say it is forced government plunder. Further, Legal Tender has a meaning under the law that implies that Congress has declared the instrument in question Legal Tender.
    REDEMPTION: The act of surrendering a warehouse receipt for the return of your property that has been stored.
    INVESTMENT: This "I-word" is never used because the Liberty Dollar as it is not an investment. It pays no interest, no return, nor promises any appreciation. Any profit you is the direct result of your use of the Liberty Dollar.
    INFLATION: Usually the government's theft of the people's purchasing power by issuing more money that is backed by gold and silver, thereby diluting the purchasing power the money. The Liberty Dollar is "inflation proof" and brings direct competition to this legalized theft.
    COIN: Something, often a round piece of metal, issued by a government. The one ounce Gold and Silver Liberty should never be referred to as "coin" because it is not a coin. Simply call them by their proper names, "Gold Liberty" or "Silver Liberty".
    BILL: Is a debt instrument. Liberty Dollar silver and gold certificates should not be called Bills because they are value backed warehouse receipts. Gold and silver certificates are not generated by debt. The US dollar are issued as a “bill”.
    SELL: The currency is not sold. It is exchanged for US dollars and as such, the gold and silver currency is not subject to sales tax.
    NOTE: Is a debt instrument, the same as a "bill". Liberty Dollar certificates are not notes and should never be referred to as a note.
    BANK: The Liberty Dollar is not a bank, does not provide any bank type of services nor regulated by any governmental agency. The Liberty Dollar is a private currency that cannot be used to pay taxes, nor is it intended to avoid taxation.