Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

What happens to the American Liberty Currency
when silver rises over $10.00 per ounce?

Information about the Crossover to the $20 Silver Base.

STATEMENT: With all due respect to the possibilities of deflation (the Achilles' Heel of lower prices of a debt-based economy) higher silver prices seem inevitable. Inflation, which will eventually become runaway inflation, plus technological developments that increase silver's industrial use, less supply, greater investor and consumer demand for physical metal, monetary reform, and even the Liberty Dollar's success might all contribute to price increases. Currently, silver is quoted around $6.25 per ounce and the $10, $5 and $1 Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates are backed by .999 fine silver as identified below "$10 Silver Base" in the table below.

ANSWER: When the price of silver rises near $10 per ounce, a new $20 Warehouse Receipt series will be issued. All new Certificates will be identified with "$20 Silver Base". The new $20 denomination certificate will be backed by one ounce of .999 silver, with
the $10 certificate will be backed by 1/2 oz., $5 by 1/4 oz. and the $1 by 1/20 ounce
of silver.

  $10. Silver Base
$20. Silver Base
   $1 Certificate 1/10 oz. Silver 1/20 oz. Silver
   $5 Certificate 1/2 oz. Silver 1/4 oz. Silver
   $10 Certificate 1 oz. Silver 1/2 oz. Silver
   $20 Certificate n/a 1 oz. Silver

The identification of the new "$20 Silver Base" currency will be prominently displayed where the "$10 Silver Base" is inside the eye-catching hologram on the lower left-hand corner of each certificate. This hologram was deliberately designed to draw the bearer's attention to this high-security feature so the bearer is aware of the silver content of each certificate.

An image of the $20 Silver Base certificate, face value $20, shows clearly how the currency will evolve in response to increasing silver prices.

Inevitably, the next question is: "What can I do with the old $10 certificates?" Since nobody will want to use $10 backed by one ounce of silver when they can use a $20 Certificate backed by one ounce of silver, there are three choices to DOUBLE your Liberty Dollars in paper form: (1) You can exchange the $10 certificate with a $10 Silver Base (and all related issues) for a new $20 certificate with a $20 Silver Base at no charge; (2) you can redeem the $10 certificate (and all related issues) for the silver; (3) you can hold the $10 certificate (and all related issues) as a store of value and exchange or surrender them at any time up to 20 years from date of issue on each Certificate. This exchange is possible because silver is fungible i.e. one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver is equal to any other Troy ounce of .999 silver. All Silver Certificates are redeemable for silver, regardless of the price of silver, since the silver is warehoused before the warehouse receipts are issued to NORFED. Regardless of silver price, each certificate is 100% backed by a specific amount of .999 fine silver, as defined by the terms on the back and is always redeemable by the bearer on demand.

As the dreaded Federal Reserve Notes are the country's current money, it is important that the Liberty Dollar function on a one-to-one basis with Federal Reserve Notes. This parallel feature also provides an invaluable comparison between the value of a debt-based currency that depreciates, and a value-backed currency that holds its value or has the potential to appreciate in value.

*The Liberty Dollar will Crossover to the new $20 Silver Base before silver reaches $10 per ounce, to cover the production of the currency.