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Move Down to $20 Base is Coming

Table of Contents:
1) From the CEO's Desk 12/3/08 - The good news about the economy
2) Bullion with a message - a great interview with Bernard
3) Move Down to $20 Base is coming
4) Bernard to speak at University of Tennessee
5) Re-minting - always available
6) LD Collectibles Available for your Collection

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1) From the CEO's Desk 12/3/08

The good news about the economy is it's working just like it's supposed to. It's too bad those running the government actually think they can do something to alter the nature of free markets when in ignorance their very actions are at the source of the market gyrations. If increased government spending schemes actually worked as advertised, or even if they only smoothed the periods between economic growth spurts, they would be great. But such manipulative schemes cause long-term damage to the economy by preventing or delaying necessary economic adjustments and reducing the quantity of real savings in the economy. Remember, the government does not have any real savings of its own, so it can only fund its various job-creating/economy-boosting packages by plundering our savings. Of course, the plutocrats and politicians are the same ones who decided that a silver Eagle from the U.S. Mint should have a $1 face value.

Did you know that early coinage was always from private mints? Even when governments started to get in the coin business and claim it as a monopoly, they had private banks stamping the coinage to lend it legitimacy. People at that time were much less trusting of government than we are today. The great news for us right now is that people around the world are loosing faith in government. The Liberty Dollar private barter currency offers a solution. For those interested in private coinage and freedom check out this article.

I have been asked if the Liberty Dollar is shying away from its stance that the Federal Reserve be abolished. My answer is a resounding NO. The Federal Reserve and its collusion with the politicians and plutocrats currently in charge are at the very root of the wild market gyrations and the theft of several generations of wealth and productivity. However, the Liberty Dollar is pragmatic and has reinvented itself and its message several times in its 10-year history. The Liberty Dollar is on the leading edge creating silver and gold free market private currency; there are no historical examples to copy. We are learning what it takes to market a private barter currency and making history in the process.

During the periods of Liberty Dollar reinvention, Bernard and others looked at what was working and what was not, inside the mission of having a free market silver and gold private barter currency. To be clear, the Liberty Dollar desires to thrive and to have tons of Silver Libertys in people's hands. With that goal in mind, talking about ending the Federal Reserve, while noble in its cause, is not forwarding the mission of getting Silver Libertys into the world. Bottom line: Ending the Federal Reserve isn't reason enough for masses of people to choose the Liberty Dollar.

I shared, in the October Liberty Dollar News, the rough size of the market for silver Eagles from the U.S. Mint. There clearly are masses of people buying silver Eagles that love silver who may not know about the Liberty Dollar and what it provides.

The Liberty Dollar provides: 1) A viable, private, voluntary barter currency based on silver and gold. 2) A face value that allows it to be traded easily into a dollar-denominated economy. 3) A purchasing structure that allows for purchase at a discount and spending at a profit. 4) The true value of a Liberty Dollar is known, and the method for establishing the face value is published and transparent.

Keep sharing the Liberty Dollar. Good things are happening. In the next newsletter, I will discuss the evolution of the Liberty Associate program.

2) Bullion with a Mission

He's a rebel, he's a wild man, he's a visionary! That's Bernard in a nutshell and an article recently published on the hip new e-zine Triple Canopy captures him perfectly. This article took almost a year to complete with the final photo shoot and interview in August in L.A. during Bernard's final Annual Tour. Check it out:

3) Move Down to $20 Base is Coming

The formula for determining when the Liberty Dollar moves up or moves down is very simple and includes vital elements such as the 30 Day moving average of silver and time to mitigate the impact of the silver market's periodic gyrations. This formula is published and transparent.

The Liberty Dollar has demonstrated repeatedly that a free market private barter currency based on silver works and we are set to validate the model again this time with a move DOWN as appropriate when silver moves down. The model is so effective; the Liberty Dollar is beginning to see copycat silver community currencies on the internet. However, it is unclear whether the copycat currencies will move down as the free market is clearly calling for or if they will continue to assume that all markets go up forever. Silver's 30 Day Moving Average dropped under $15 on September 3rd, 2008, and must stay below $15 for 135 consecutive days to force a Move Down from the $50 base to the $20 base. This means that we move down January 16, 2009. Today the 30 DMA is $9.77. The Liberty Dollar is on track to move down.

Move Up Points:
$10 to the $20 Silver Base is 30DMA over $7.50 for 30 consecutive days.

Note: The Liberty Dollar moved up from the $10 base to the $20 base on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. Holders of the Liberty Dollar doubled their money.

$20 to the $50 Silver Base is 30DMA over $16.00 for 45 consecutive days.
Note: The Liberty Dollar Moved Up to the $50 Silver Base on March 23, 2008.
$50 to the $100 Silver Base is 30DMA over $41.50 for 60 consecutive days.
$100 to the $250 Silver Base is 30DMA over $84.00 for 75 consecutive days.
$250 to the $500 Silver Base is 30DMA over $211.50 for 90 consecutive days.

Move Down Points:
$20 to the $10 Silver Base is 30DMA under $6.50 for 90 consecutive days.
$50 to the $20 Silver Base is 30DMA under $15.00 for 135 consecutive days.

Note: This is where we are with a current Move Down point of January 16, 2009.
$100 to the $50 Silver Base is 30DMA under $40.50 for 180 consecutive days.
$250 to the $100 Silver Base is 30DMA under $83.00 for 225 consecutive days.
$500 to the $250 Silver Base is 30DMA under $210.50 for 270 consecutive days.
Liberty Dollar source of 30 DMA is Scotia Mocatta.

4) Bernard to Speak at University of Tennessee

Bernard von NotHaus, the fiery Monetary Architect of the Liberty Dollar, has accepted an invitation to speak at the University of Tennessee on Thursday January 15. His topic will be "Money… more money... good money... bad money... What is happening with your money... What you can do with your money? How you can make, protect and profit from good money? And of course the Liberty Dollar solution to the looming hyperinflationary depression fueled by the massive bailouts and stimulus packages."

The program begins at 5:15 with a special dinner with the Issues Committee. The lecture follows at 7:30 in the University Center for 45-60 minutes that will be followed by a lively Q&A session. Approximately 200 attendees are expected.

Bernard, who recently retired from the Liberty Dollar and is still under criminal investigation by the FBI for counterfeiting and money laundering, promises to take off his gloves and tell all about what is happening to your money. Not to be missed.

Additional information is available from Ashleigh Moyer with the Office of Student Activities in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ph: 865.974.5455. Email:

5) Re-minting - Always Available

Re-minting is always available from the Liberty Dollar. Effective immediately Liberty Dollar is accepting silver for re-minting at the price of $3.25 per oz. This includes shipping back to you of the newly minted product. You are responsible for shipping to the Liberty Dollar fulfillment office in Evansville, IN. The Liberty Dollar is not anticipating a large amount of product for re-minting this time as most people won't want to devalue their $50 Base product and will either hold it until silver goes up or continue to spend what they have.

6) LD Collectibles Available for your Collection

In preparation for the end of year inventory, the Fulfillment Office has been cleaning house, and found a few choice Liberty Dollars that were donated last year during our time of need. The Liberty Dollar is offering a select few of these choice collectibles on the shopping cart. Add these to your collection today! Keep in mind none of these will be minted again, as the FBI seized the dies used to make them.

Here's what we found:
1. $5 one-half ounce $10 Base Silver Liberty, featuring the 2003 torch reverse with USA obverse. Add to you collection of history making Liberty Dollars. According to the tribal elders only 25,000 of these were minted. These are mint proof like condition and shipped in an airtight.
2. $20 1 ounce North Carolina SMI Silver Liberty. Features the 2006 North Carolina torch reverse, with USA obverse.
3. $10 1 ounce “Type 3” $10 Base Silver Liberty. Dated 1999 on the reverse, with USA obverse. First minting to contain “Trust in God” on obverse. Reverse is the same die design used on the 1998 Type 2 design. These sell are selling for at least $60 on ebay currently.

Click on the following link to view them and place your order on the shopping cart. You must send in your check or money order within 10 days or order will not be filled. Very limited quantities available (limit of one each per customer), so act now!

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