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Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
Liberty Dollar news for the month of October 2008

Table of Contents:
1. From the CEO's Desk
2. Legal update from Bernard
3. 2009 $1 Peace Dollar - 20,000 pre ordered!
4. Kick start your local currency initiative
5. Hawaii Dala update
6. T-Shirt Pre-orders "End The Fed"
7. Tenth Anniversary Set Sale

1. From the CEO's Desk
I have decided to move to a bi-monthly format to keep you informed about the Liberty Dollar and related developments. At the end of each month I will publish the Liberty Dollar Newsletter. The mid-month edition will be a shorter alert or update format where I will provide time critical news like Bernard's legal alerts and product updates, etc.

The last Liberty Dollar Newsletter was published just prior to the raid one year ago. My intention in reviving the Liberty Dollar Newsletter is to document the Liberty Dollar story by providing a snapshot of our progress month by month with space to communicate a vision for the future the Liberty Dollar organization creates.

The experience of the last 30-plus days for me has been a little like riding a roller coaster without restraints. It's really exhilarating at times and other times more like, holy smoke, what did I get myself into. In that short time the spot price of silver went from $13 to around $9.50 and on eBay silver rounds have held steady around the $20 mark. Every day brings wild gyrations in the stock market and another bailout somewhere in the world. Inflation is definitely not exclusively an American problem. Here is a link to a NY Times article predicting that the next credit crisis going to be the personal credit card market. Buy silver and gold Liberty Dollars while they are cheap.

I have been learning every bit about Liberty Dollar that I can. Wow, I didn't think this would be easy but I had no idea just how comprehensive a task it is. Thank goodness I can rely for the time being on Bernard's 25 years as the Mintmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Mint and his 10-year tenure bringing Liberty Dollar to where it is today.

As I have become acquainted with the Liberty Dollar world, several facts stand out as vital to our future:

1) People are scared about their financial future and they are buying tons of silver. Check out these stats provided to Coin World Magazine from the U.S. Mint's website:
a. 1 oz American Silver Eagle September 2008 sales: 1,825,000 ounces
This is 152,083 troy pounds or 76 tons in September alone!
b. 1 oz American Silver Eagle year-to-date sales: 13,877,500 ounces
This is 1,156,458 troy pounds or 578 tons of silver in 2008 so far!

The silver market is HUGE! The U.S. Mint is averaging 1.5 million silver Eagles per month and struggling to keep up with demand. By the way, the U.S. Mint is the first government agency to publicly attack the Liberty Dollar with their warning issued September 4, 2006. This was slightly over two years ago.

2) Silver Eagles carry a nominal face value of $1 and trade near 20 times their face value.

3) Records from before the raid are limited to stories told to me by the old timers so hard data is non-existent. However, the fact is that Liberty Dollar no longer offers silver certificates or digital Liberty Dollars. Further, these two versions of the Liberty Dollar only represented less than 10% of the total Liberty Dollars in circulation as a private voluntary barter currency.

For the near term the U.S. Mint is our Number One competitor and we must use physical gold, silver, and copper Liberty Dollars or sister currencies like the Peace Dollar to continue to spread the idea that private voluntary bullion currency is better than government monopoly money.

We all know the failure of public housing. I assert we are witnessing the equivalent failure of our government money system. Thomas Jefferson said, "In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." All politicians, no matter how noble, must be willing to inflate in order to get re-elected. Obama or McCain, it makes no difference; inflation is the name of the game. Only the chains of private gold and silver monetary system will ever prevent the corrupting pull that a paper money inflationary system has on our government leaders. These same politicians who benefit from inflation in the re-election game cannot be counted on to do the right thing and revamp the existing system. Never bite the hand that feeds you, right? Only a dedicated grassroots organization like Liberty Dollar can provide a viable alternative to inflation prone government paper money. If we change the money we save the world.

If you look at the volume of silver the U.S. Mint is selling presently you can see the market for the Liberty Dollar is huge! People are waking up to private voluntary bullion money vs. government monopoly money. Keep spending (I mean spreading) the word.

2. Legal update from Bernard
LEGAL UPDATE: I regret to inform you that our Motion to un-seal the secret documents that the government provided to the US District Court in Asheville and cancel the six month stay has been denied. To make matters worse, the devious little G-boys submitted a sealed request for a SIX-MONTH extension for any action regarding their seizure… and that was granted by the same government friendly court!

It is now obvious that the government has NO case and is trying hard to find something to pin on me… I think that will be impossible… 1) As I did not retire after 25 years at the Royal Hawaiian Mint to become a federal criminal… 2) I know that I am not guilty of violating Section 486 or any of the other counterfeit sections. 3) The Search and Seizure Warrants did not cover the owners of the property seized. 4) I have had NO intention to counterfeit the shitty US coinage! 5) I always rely on the good advice of legal counsel.

The G-boys thought they were raiding a corporation… only to find out that they raided a sole proprietor and now they will have to pay for my defense because I don't have any money. So their game plan is to drive the Liberty Dollar out of business. But that is just not happening… thanks to you and the very engaging silver market. If you have not made a donation… this is a wonderful time to help. Or help yourself by contributing to the Contingency Club.

The current extension of predatory oppression against the Liberty Dollar expires on June 20, 2009 - almost three years after the US Mint posted their warning. Stay tuned for the next update, as the "value vs. fiat currency battle" continues.

The bottom lines is there has never been a "Cease and Desist Order". By G-boys own actions it is obvious they do not want to take the Liberty Dollar to court. So I see this latest development as an endorsement to get as much silver in the hands of the
people as possible. We have open season for another 6 months at least as I would not surprised to see another extension!

Meanwhile, Robert Stientjes the attorney working to recover the seized property, send a letter to the Claimants he represents. Click HERE for his remarks that are well worth reading by everyone who wish to have their property returned.

3. 2009 $1 Peace Dollar - 20,000 pre ordered!
Congratulations! We have received pre-orders for over 20,000 of the 2009 $1 Peace Dollar and the pre-order window is now officially closed. I have turned off the pre-order packages in the shopping cart. A very few of you haven't sent in your checks after you went through the shopping cart order process. Remember you have to send in the money using the old fashioned postal service, as we are not yet processing credit cards. We will honor your orders if we receive payment by November 7th, 2008. I have locked in the Copper Order and delivery is on track for February 2009. Many thanks for your support of this very timely issue!

4. Kick Start Your Local Currency Initiative
As the national financial crisis continues to devastate the country, there are many who are looking for leaders to help guide them out of this mess. We want to support you, as a strong advocate of the Liberty Dollar and as one who has taken on the challenge of initiating the "honest money" solution for your community. We want you to be effective in transforming your community and in empowering community members to play an important part in its success.

Do you have a success plan for your community? Liberty Global Leadership (LGL) in partnership with Liberty Dollar, Inc. is now offering seminars to train you as a leader to give your currency initiative a solid foundation, a tremendous boost for your long-term success and the success of your community. Field-tested strategies to increase sales, trainer training, business development, team building, and leadership skills to energize and guide the honest money movement in your town are integral to the training.

Kevin Innes, a long-time educator and instructor at Liberty Dollar University, has taken on the challenge of developing and implementing a training course that supports the Liberty Dollar and your community currency initiative. Change is inevitable; the question is how are you shaping the change? Kevin is looking for those who will be the change they want to see in the world and are ready to step forward boldly. Courageous individuals are needed who have a strong sense of mission in establishing themselves as a "mover and shaker" - who are eager to be important team players in moving their community through this period of economic upheaval and on to a new era of humanity. Contact him by emailing: if you are ready for this exciting challenge and opportunity.

5. Hawaii Dala update
Good news! We have received the first mintage of Hawaii Dalas and Bernard is numbering and hallmarking them. The plan is for all the orders for the Hawaii Dalas to be shipped out the door by Friday November 7th, 2008.

6. T-Shirt Pre-orders "End The Fed"
Two industrious RCO's Rob Gray and Kevin Innes have partnered to create a T-Shirt for the "End The Fed" march coming up November 22nd. There are many more people who are now pressing for ending the Fed so there are big events planned on Nov. 22 across the country. (See and the U-tube Video. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase our solution, do a fund-raiser and to demonstrate your leadership.

The back states "End The Fed" in black - The front: "The Solution: Liberty Dollar" in blue and red on the front using familiar logo components. The design can be viewed HERE. These white T-Shirts are 100% cotton and made in Honduras (sorry, US made would be twice the cost for the T's) and the printing is done in the US.

To get the great price of $6.50 per shirt (plus shipping) RCO's pre-order in cases of 60 per box in mixed sizes from Sm to XL in quantities appropriate for rallies like this. (XXL is $1 more/shirt, XXXL is $2 more, etc.) Shipping will occur within the next two weeks. MSRP is $10 for pre-sales and $10-$15 at the "End The Fed" events. Please see to compare prices of other shirts and to find out how to participate in rallies around the country.

For more info and to place an order you can contact Kevin Innes: or 828-582-7637 or Rob Gray:

7. Tenth Anniversary Set Sale
We have a few of the Tenth Anniversary Sets left, both the First Day of Issue and the Limited Numbered Edition. These sets include a Certificate of Authenticity, a first for Liberty Dollar. In the spirit of Christmas giving I have reduced the price for Liberty Associates to move the inventory out the door. This is a beautiful collection and a great way to show off the full set of the $50 base. The top of the line of incredible Tenth Anniversary commemoratives is the Tenth Anniversary Set of four Silver Libertys in a special blue Lucite holder in a special imprinted box and our very first Certificate of Authenticity! You gotta see this item…. So click HERE! In fact, we did something similar for the Fifth Anniversary with three Libertys… and I bet you have never seen a set. I bet you have not even heard about it. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think one has ever traded on eBay! They are that special and likewise the Tenth Anniversary Set will be equally special. Please click HERE to see this truly amazing showstopper.

This Tenth Anniversary Set with four Silver Libertys is available in two numbered editions. Both Editions are packaged in a custom stamped box with the certificate and hand numbered on the one ounce $50 Liberty. Plus each is individually hallmarked with a new "USA" stamp in the shape of the country. Click HERE for more detailed photos. But that is not all. The First 100 Sets, numbered 001 to 100, are marked with FDI on the lucite holder and numbered on the certificate for "First Day of Issue" for an added premium. The second edition sets, numbered 101 forward, will be marked LNE for the "Limited Numbered Edition" on the holder and certificate.

For Liberty Associates the price for the First Day of Issue is now only $159. The Limited Numbered Edition is now $139.

Much more is in the works but not quite ready for prime time. Stay tuned and keep spending your Silver Libertys.


Dan Priest CEO

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