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Your right to use Gold & Silver is at risk.

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HISTORIC NOTE: If you are visiting this page to support our Legal Defense Fund and are familiar with the US Mint warning, please skip this Historic Note. On September 13. 2006, the US Mint issued a "Warning" that it was illegal to use the Liberty Dollar. Then on Tuesday, March 20. 2007 Liberty Services, the organization that promotes and distributes the Liberty Dollar, has filed suit against the U.S. Mint in U.S. District Court in Evansville Indiana to enjoin the government from claiming that the use of Liberty Dollar is a 'federal crime'. It is not a "federal crime" to voluntarily use a piece of silver between two consenting adults. For more background info please click HERE. To read Bernard's Second Law of Money, please click HERE.

Please let me be blunt, honest and to the point: We need your help, please.

We have never asked for a donation in over eight years. In fact we have refused to accept any donations. But now the time is different. Now the Liberty Dollar is under attack and we need your help. The very idea of a free market is at risk due to the US government's assault on our right to use anything of choice in the market place.

The US Mint would have us believe that it is illegal for Americans to exchange gold and silver (such as the Gold and Silver Eagles minted by the US Mint or any other gold and silver for that matter) on a voluntary basis between consenting adults. Just imagine that at a time when "consenting adults" can legally exchange "fluids" between themselves, the US Mint would have us believe that you and I can not trade gold and silver between ourselves. This is ridiculous and an assault on the concept of a free market.

Of course the US Mint allegation is not the law, in fact, it is a lie. For that reason, the Liberty Dollar has filed a federal lawsuit: Liberty Dollar v Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, Edmond C. Moy, Director, US Mint for a declaratory judgment.

Since the US Mint posted their warning, over six months ago, no further action has been taken. No arrests. No indictments. No investigation. Nothing. The warning has been purely a scare tactic. Unfortunately it has been very successful, until now. You will not be arrested for having, using, or helping the Liberty Dollar at this hour of need. Nobody is going to chase you down for a $20 Silver Liberty.

Trust me, this lawsuit is no small matter. Nor is the cost. Initially estimated at $100,000 - we simply have no idea what the actual total cost will be. But it is not cheap to sue the US government that makes their money out of thin air and pays their attorneys with your income tax dollars. You want to change things? Then help us change the money.

We estimate that over 100,000 people know and use the Liberty Dollar, so if everybody just donated a dollar, we would have a chance to pay for the lawsuit. But not everybody will send in even a dollar. Trust me, people are not very responsive. Most will not even read this far or have any idea as to what is happening to their money or liberties. We hope you are different. So I am asking you to please send $10 because I bet only 10% of the people will respond... if that many. Now accepting US dollars and Liberty Dollars in metal, paper or digital form. Please note links below for your donation.

The Contingency Club works like this: I have guaranteed the attorney's hourly rate to recover your property for only a 10% duty on all returned material verses the usual 33% contingency fee. A savings of 23% on your property! Plus you can even recover that 10% or more when you double your money by contributing to the Contingency Club to finance the court battle over Rule 41(g) Motion.

Here is how you can double your money. Contingent upon winning the case (that looks extremely good given our extensive legal research) and securing the return of all the material, the Contingency Club will: 1) Pay you two dollars for every dollar you contribute if the attorney fees are less than $150,000; 2) Return your original contribution plus 50% if the attorney fees are between $150,000 and $300,000; 3) No contribution will be returned if the attorney is paid over $300,000 or if we lose. Neither is very likely.

Bottom line is that you should get your property back for only a10% duty by weight. Which most likely will be more than offset by a 10% appreciation in the value of silver. But we need your help to cover the attorney fees, please.

Minimum contribution to the Contingency Club is $100. Please make your check payable to "Burk & Reedy," the law firm that is handling the Contingency Club bank account and mail it to the Office in Evansville. We will forward it to Burk and Reedy and send a confirmation and acceptance of your contribution within ten days. Please note more than one contribution may be placed, such as $100 per month, and this "Double Your Money" offer may be withdrawn if over subscribed.

PLEASE NOTE: Thank you if you made an earlier donation to the "Legal Defense Fund," but that money was used on earlier legal issues and is not part of the Contingency Club. If you want to participate in the Contingency Club, please send in your contribution to the Evansville office with the check made out to: "Burk and Reedy" please. Thank you for all your support! Wait there is more. OK, so you are opposed to the Federal Reserve theft of your purchasing power, but you are equally opposed to donating... and you would rather buy something to help the cause. Great! Please click HERE to order a specially hallmarked Arrest Dollar. Each Arrest Dollar will feature two special hand stamped hallmarks with the "Scales of Justice" and my personal Mintmark. Thank you to everyone who previously donated. We wouldn't have come this far in such dark times if it weren't for you! Keep up all the cards, letters and orders. The more Liberty Dollars in circulation the better chance we have on winning our case.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect / Editor

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