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1st Anniversary of the FBI Raid on the Liberty Dollar

Table of Contents:

1. From the CEO's Desk: Synopsis of the Impact of the FBI Raid on Liberty Dollar and our customers
2. Success Story - New Associate Fernanda Powers
3. A Plug for Sales

1) From the CEO's Desk: Synopsis of the Impact of the FBI Raid on Liberty Dollar and our customers

Today is the 1st anniversary of the Liberty Dollar® raid by the FBI. Much has happened in a year and this newsletter provides a brief synopsis of impact of the FBI raid on Liberty Dollar and on our customers.

November 14, 2007: The FBI initiated simultaneous raids in four locations: 1) Sunshine Mint in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where all the silver backing the eLDs as well as the gold and silver backing the paper Liberty Dollar Warehouse Receipts were located. 2) Kevin Innes, RCO in Asheville, North Carolina, where the FBI seized 100 of his copper Ron Paul Dollars and his George Carlin tape. What? Is the George Carlin tape some form of evidence? 3) Verify First Technologies in Paso Robles who printed the warehouse receipts lost all receipts. 4) Liberty Dollar Fulfillment Office in Evansville, Indiana, lost all the computers, boxes of files and records, approximately 24,000 Ron Paul copper Liberty Dollars and all the gold, silver, and platinum Liberty Dollars in a variety of sizes and denominations. (I say approximately because all the records were seized and the FBI did not leave a detailed inventory of the seizure.)

Liberty Dollar was definitely in growth mode just prior to the raid. Business was going "gang busters." Ron Paul gold, silver, and copper issues were in hot demand. The half-ounce silver Peace Dollar was available and orders were pouring in. Liberty Dollar Fulfillment Center had added seven people to meet the growing demand.

Now let's take a look at who was affected by the actions of our government agents. The eLD or the digital Liberty Dollar system had 4,795 user accounts holding a total of 111,723 ounces of silver. That means 4,795 people had their private silver seized from them because they chose to store silver with Shelter Systems, LLC. If you are reading this, most likely you are one of those who had your property seized by the FBI.

Let's look further. The last available audit of the warehouse, which included an accounting of physical Silver Liberties backing the paper Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates, shows the following facts:

1) Ten dollar, base Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates currently in circulation representing 71,427.1 troy oz. of silver. This breaks down into 294,322 Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates in circulation with a combination of $10, $5, and $1 certificates. If each Silver Certificate were held by individual people, potentially 294,322 people are affected by the government theft of their private property. If you haven't seen a Liberty Dollar Silver Certificate compared to U.S. paper currency, here is your chance.

Truthfully we don't know how many people are holding Liberty Dollar Certificates, but it is thousands of innocent people.

2) Twenty dollar, base Silver Certificates in circulation at the time of the raid represented 15,600 troy oz. for 70,000 individual certificates representing a combination of $20, $10, $5, and $1 certificates. So potentially another 70,000 people are impacted by the unwarranted and unjust government action.

3) Ninety-six dollar, old Certificates were in circulation representing 96 troy oz. of gold Liberty Dollars.

Many of you had orders outstanding for the Peace Dollars in either the copper or the silver form that were scheduled to be shipped directly from the mint to you. I personally ordered 800 ounces of the $10 Peace Dollars. I had been notified that they shipped via UPS Ground several days before the FBI raid, and they were scheduled to be delivered to me the day of the raid. I watched the UPS website and saw the status of the package change from "Out for Delivery to customer" to "Recalled by Shipper." Unfortunately, I never received the package. Big Brother's tentacles run deep, even into UPS's shipping system to recall packages shipped before the warrant was even signed. But this isn't about me; it's about clearing the air around the Liberty Dollar and the raid and getting clear the legal trail that leads us to where we are right now. This is about what happened and what's being done about this injustice. So far we have looked at what happened.

Liberty Dollar Associates and RCO's tend to be in one of several places regarding the raid:

1) One category of victim flat out believes that Liberty Dollar was never raided and that we staged the whole thing and ran off with your money. Those of you who believe this should contact Thomas R. Ascik, Assistant U.S. Attorney by calling his number 828-271-4661. Mr. Ascik's name and signature are on every document filed by the Department of Justice so far in the Asheville Division of the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.

2) The second category believes that the raid definitely happened, and since the Liberty Dollar is still around in some shape or form, then Liberty Dollar should make good on their order either in the form of a refund from current revenue or by actually filling the order with currently produced Liberty Dollars. If you think that through you should realize that is not possible because we exist on a shoestring. The government's strategy seems to be to starve the Liberty Dollar to death. This has been a near event several times during the last year. We continue to make progress; unfortunately, the thousands of dollars required to make everyone whole do not exist.

3) The final category of victims believes firmly that if we somehow manage to change the money, we could actually change the world. They suffered losses of personal private property as a result of the FBI's actions. They believe the government actions were wrong and that we the people have a right to contract without the threat of force from our government. Further, we believe we have a right pay for what we want with what we choose and that the time for this monetary battle is now!

Regardless of where you are in these three categories, everyone wants their property back. Some have the means to wait it out. For others, the confiscated Liberty Dollars represent their entire retirement savings, and they need their property back now!

What is being done to engage the government legally and lawfully to get every single Liberty Dollar returned?

Just prior to the FBI raid on the Liberty Dollar, Bernard von NotHaus initiated a Declaratory Judgment lawsuit that named the U.S. Treasury, US Department of Justice, and the U.S. Mint. Filed in the US District Court in Evansville, Indiana, it specifically requested that the US Mint should stop all activities designed to scare people away from the Liberty Dollar because the Liberty Dollar was not breaking any laws. This would have ended the argument by adjudication simply and cleanly. Either we are operating legally or not. Let a judge decide and be finished with it. The government didn't want to follow that process to truth and justice. They decided that a raid and seizure was in their best interests.

After the raid Bernard proceeded to attempt to initiate a class action lawsuit in Idaho where Sunshine Mint had been holding all the Liberty Dollars that backed both the eLibertyDollars and the Silver Certificates on behalf of Shelter Systems, LLC. Many of you signed up for the class action lawsuit. This was an ill-fated attempt at justice hamstrung from the beginning by a scoundrel of an attorney who walked away with thousands of dollars in legal fees and never did a damn thing!

Finally, Bernard created the Contingency Club and retained Robert Stientjes, the attorney who now represents a core group of people who are demanding the return of their property. Stientjes filed a "Motion for Return of Property" on behalf of Shelter Systems, LLC and twelve additional plaintiffs. This is no longer a class action lawsuit. Shelter Systems, LLC is the company that held all the silver backing the Silver Certificates and the eLibertyDollars. When the matter of Liberty Dollar's legality is resolved, a receiver will manage the return of the silver to all holders of Silver Certificates and eLD's. The return of the property taken from the Evansville office is a separate legal action and should proceed quickly after we win back the silver seized from the warehouse.

The government filed a sealed civil forfeiture action against the Liberty Dollar's seized property on May 29, 2008. The Court granted a stay in the case, essentially allowing the government an additional six months to find evidence they haven't yet found after two years of investigation. It is clear they do not want the people to scrutinize their actions.

October 21, 2008: The magistrate judge granted the government another six-month stay, again via a sealed motion. We are faced with a waiting game very similar to the sieges in the wars throughout history. We must thrive in the face of suppression by the enemy.

Our mission is to change the money because by changing the money, we change the world! Our success does not rely on our "knowledge." All the books about the Fed or money system don't make one ounce of difference. The only thing that matters is our unwavering stand for the future that we envision: "A world where money has known value; and people do not sell out their power to governments or politicians for empty inflationary promises made today and paid for with the labor of generations of hardworking men and women."

In spite of all that the government has taken from us and their obvious attempts to starve the Liberty Dollar out of business, we are still here and we are not afraid!

The Liberty Dollar and all the people who have participated and partnered with us, in my experience, stand for good judgment, open-mindedness, inclusiveness, long-term thinking, and an unshakable commitment to authentic communication, empowerment, innovation and collaboration. The world needs the Liberty Dollar and what it stands for. I for one am in the fight for the long term. I am an American and my government answers to me.

2) Success Story - New Associate Fernanda Powers

I asked you to send in your Liberty Dollar success stories and you have. Fernanda Powers is an example of an American who has taken a stand. A stand for a private silver backed currency in her community. Thank you Fernanda for being courageous, having conversations about money and community as you spend Liberty Dollars during your day. Here is the story she sent in:

You said you wanted to hear our success stories, so here is my experience with spending $15.00 in Liberty Dollars today. A friend of mine ordered ten pounds of lamb bones from a local butcher for me and today I finally picked them up from her. It turned out all I had to pay with were my Liberty Dollars, but not enough FRN cash. I figured she'd be warm to the idea of Liberty Dollars, so I asked her what she thought of using a local currency (as a general question). She said she liked the idea but that you'd need a lot of people involved to make it work. I then told her a bit about the Liberty Dollar, as this private silver-backed currency I'm playing around with. She said "Now that intrigues me even more." So I told her a bit more, then offered a $10 piece to pay for my lamb bones. She said: "Well, I guess the best way to get started is to... get started," and she took it.

Later tonight I went out for dinner in my small town for a planned ladies' night out. The cost of the evening was $8.50, so I planned to pay $5.00 in ALD and $3.50 in FRN (but I made sure I had the full amount in FRNs). I gave my money to the lady who was collecting the money, and told her a bit about the Liberty Dollar. She said I should ask Judy, the restaurant owner, if she'd take it, so I took my money to her and showed her the $5.00 ALD. I started to explain a bit what it was and she just took it from me and put it in her pocket, so I took that as a yes, then went back to the lady collecting the money and gave her my remaining FRNs, saying Judy had accepted it.

Anyway, these are my first two experiences. Nothing earth shattering, but encouraging to me. I will see if I can spend my remaining 70 ALDs (from the initial special offer) while I'm waiting for the new ALDs from the Associate package to arrive."

3) A plug for Sales

Finally an obvious plug for business. Your generous purchases are what have kept us going and keep us going. We have several hundred of the Peace Dollar Errors remaining and less than 100 of the Hallmarked and Numbered editions of the same Peace Dollar errors. We have less than 20 each of the Tenth Anniversary Set with four silver liberties First Day of Issue and Limited Numbered Edition.

The new brochures at the $50 base are on sale now at our cost of 5 cents each. Let's blast them out and spread them around as you spend Liberty Dollars. We are offering the Merchant Counter Mats at a great price and these are great as we head towards a move down to the $20 base.

Thanks again for your support and your courage as we work together to transform a money system that rewards moochers into a money system that honors the free exchange of value for value.

Dan Priest,
Liberty Dollar CEO

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