Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
August 2009 Vol. 11 No. 08

Announcing Liberty Gold + Card

As many of you know, I have been working on a card-based system for many years. In fact, it has been nine years since I started in 2000! So I am very pleased to announce the long awaited Liberty Gold Card and the new Liberty Gold digital gold storage system is now ready! Please read this whole newsletter for all the great news.

Table of Contents:
1. Announcing Liberty Gold + Card
2. Update on your Silver Liberty order
3. Update on all Copper Orders
4. In defense of the Second Amendment
5. Two Newspaper Articles
6. Closing is not an Admission
7. Legal Update
8. 2009 - 50th State / 50th Anniversary / $50 Hawaii Dala?

Welcome Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. Announcing Liberty Gold + Card
In just a few days, I will email an invitation to you for Liberty Gold and the new Liberty Gold Card that is tied to your gold account. Please take a serious look at the invitation and sign up. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and our effort. The project is exciting and dates back nine years to 2000 when I started my research and development. Some of you may even have one of my 2002 cards that is now a hot collectible.

The bottom line is that over time I lost my financial interest in what is now Liberty Gold but I never lost my personal interest. So it is my pleasure to urge you to protect and grow your money with Liberty Gold and get the world's first real Gold Card. Liberty Gold provides 100% protection and 100% usage of your gold anywhere MasterCard® is accepted worldwide. It is a terrific, well-designed and secure program with your gold stored in Switzerland.

Plus the Liberty Gold guys have a dynamite Reward Program so you can get your gold premium FREE! Plus by referring your friends, family, business associates and organizations to Liberty Gold you can generate a steady stream of gold into your account. The more people who get Liberty Gold - the more money you will earn. Simple! And if you like silver as much as I do, silver will be available very shortly.

Please get Liberty Gold + Card and be happy!

Disclaimer: I am not a stockholder or an officer in Liberty Gold International - a New Zealand company with gold stored in Switzerland and bankcard from England.

2. Update on your Silver Liberty order
I am pleased to inform you that if you had a silver order with Liberty Dollar it has been resolved. We are either crediting your card account shortly or you responded to our email and chose to receive generic non-Liberty Dollar silver rounds in place of Liberty Dollars. The Silver Rounds are in production and you will receive them shortly, and when you do, you will know you chose wisely as the Rounds feature the famous 1804 obverse design. Again, I apologize for the delays in filling your order. This has been a very painful time for the Liberty Dollar and we greatly appreciate your patience. If you have any problem regarding your order please email me:

3. Update on all Copper orders
All copper orders for the 2009 Tea Party Dollar are still on hold awaiting court action. We plan to return to court for clarification on all copper orders placed before the Judge's Oral Order. We want to fill all copper orders and will keep you informed as soon as we know anything. Please note #7 - Legal Update below.

SPECIAL HALLMARKED EDITION: When the copper Tea Party Dollars are finally shipped, each order will include a specially hallmarked copper Tea Party Dollar to thank you for your patience with your long delayed order. The hallmark will feature a "heart" with a "P" for your patience. Obviously the hallmarked T-Dollar coppers will be a very limited issue as you can't add to it or order it because the special hallmarked T-Dollars are only available as part of existing orders that are still pending. If you are not a collector, I am sure they will find a hot market for your hallmarked T-Dollar on eBay. Thanks again for your patience!

Now with all silver orders resolved and the last copper orders pending court action, please remember that if you placed a copper order and IF YOU PAID WITH A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - PLEASE DO NOT CHARGE BACK OR CANCEL YOUR ORDER WITH YOUR CARD COMPANY… AS THIS WILL HAVE A DISASTROUS EFFECT ON THE LIBERTY DOLLAR. If you must cancel your order, please email me and I will contact you personally.

4. In defense of the Second Amendment
Personally, I feel strongly about the Bill of Rights and especially the First and Second Amendments. So I have often wondered how a right that dates 'from time immemorial' became a crime? Please click HERE to read a short story that answers that question.

5. Two Newspaper Articles
There were several newspaper articles regarding the Liberty Dollar Fulfillment Office in Evansville. Please click HERE for Federal Government Closes Down Liberty Dollar By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter in Charlotte North Carolina on August 2nd, 2009.

Please note that the government did NOT close the Liberty Dollar! Nor was it "closed." Operations have been "suspended" until the Liberty Dollar Four are acquitted.

A second and much better i.e. supportive article was written by William Gregg on June 10, 2009. Unfortunately, Will got a little carried away with his own ideas of the Liberty Dollar events and miss spoke on several key points. Please note EDITIOR comments are underlined in the article below. Please click HERE for the complete article including photos.

It's the Money
By William Grigg

What is it that turns a man into a specimen like Acting United States Attorney Edward R. Ryan, whose name is inscribed on the tissue of lies and totalitarian assertions called a "Bill of Indictment" against four key figures in NORFED, aka the Liberty Dollar organization?

To at least some extent, it must be the money (or at least the officially sanctioned similacrum of the same) that provides for Ryan's material comforts and subsidizes whatever squalid vices he enjoys. Since Ryan is a servant of the kleptocracy we can assume that vice, of some kind, plays a significant role in his discretionary time: Someone who steals for a living isn't likely to be a moral paragon when he's off the clock.

As a tax-feeder, Ryan, like the rest of us, is paid in the innately worthless scrip and slugs that the Regime insists on calling "money."

The chief difference is that he, like others in the Regime's employ, gets first, best use of the currency at the beginning of the debasement cycle; he enjoys a slew of benefits that are funded by the labors of the honest and productive; and he -- unlike those in the productive sector -- can reasonably expect that his salary will more than keep pace with inflation. For the Regime and its clients, and those who serve that system, inflation is as beneficial as it is baneful for those of us trying to make an honest living.

Ryan really should be shunned by those who know him as if he were the carrier of a lethal disease, and the epicenter of an unbearable stench, two traits immediately recognizable to people with a rudimentary sense of right and wrong. Long ago, acting on motives known only to himself and his Creator, Ryan sold his soul at a steep discount by taking a job in the employ of the world's deadliest, most powerful criminal syndicate.

Now, bearing the august title of U.S. attorney, Ryan is protecting criminals whose deeds impoverish and threaten all of us, by prosecuting innocent people whose acts of legitimate commerce threaten nobody but those very same apex-level criminals.

Until late 2007, when the Feds invaded its offices and stole the company's assets, the Liberty Dollar organization marketed platinum, gold, silver, and copper coins, and issued colorful, finely wrought warehouse receipts that were redeemable in specific amounts of precious metals. EDITOR COMMENT: While the government has stolen my time and nearly destroyed a thriving business, the government has not "stolen" the company's assets. The assets have been confiscated and will be returned to their rightful owners after this sorry affaire is resolved.

The Liberty Dollar was a private currency of the type that was very common in the United States prior to the bankster coup de main that left us with a centralized, politically controlled fiat pseudo-currency. EDITOR COMMENT: Actually, neither the US nor any country has had ever had a currency like the Liberty Dollar as it is the world's first "free market currency" that is privately issued with its face value based on the current value of gold and silver. It was offered and accepted on a purely volunteer basis, with fully informed people on both sides of the transaction.

One could take issue with the premium charged by the company for its coins, or dispute the strategic wisdom of its campaign, but it is impossible for honest, rational people to perceive a criminal conspiracy in which people were bartering for goods and services using the only substances recognized by the Constitution (Article I, section 10) as a legal currency -- gold and silver. EDITOR COMMENT: The premium covers the day-to-day operations. If I could have done it for less I would have.

Bernard von NotHaus, the founder of Liberty Dollar and one of four people mentioned in the federal indictment, routinely made clear his belief that the re-introduction of competing hard-money currencies would eventually bring down the Federal Reserve's bogus-money monopoly. EDITOR COMMENT: I strongly object to this editorializing as neither NORFED nor Liberty Dollar nor anyone in an official company capacity has ever suggested or schemed to "bring down the Federal Reserve!" NORFED was an acronym for: National Organization for the REPEAL of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code. (One is tempted to call it a "Monopoly Money monopoly," but this would be unfair: Monopoly "money," which provides amusement and education to those who use it, has more innate value than the Regime's ugly, worthless scrip.) EDITOR COMMENT: Personally I object to the use of the word "worthless" as you can still buy a hamburger at McDonalds and you can still buy gold and silver. It is certainly "worth less" but not "worthless" yet.

According to Edward Ryan and the people who fill his trough and determine the length of his leash, it is a crime to seek the overthrow of the Federal Reserve System by the peaceful, cooperative methods employed by von NotHaus and his associates.

Query: Is it likewise a crime to seek the overthrow of that system through legislative means -- say, through an audit of the sort pursued by Rep. Ron Paul and a growing number of his congressional colleagues, or through a measure summarily dismantling the institution? EDITOR COMMENT: NORFED, Liberty Dollar, nor anyone that I know in the organization has ever supported any effort for "the overthrow of the Federal Reserve System by peaceful [or any other means]." In fact, NORFED was dissolved several years ago when the organization dropped its "repeal" message and decided to simply offer a private voluntary barter currency (PVBC) without any of the negative Federal Reserve baggage.

Please click HERE for the balance of the article.

6. Closing is not an Admission
A Florida supporter writes what many of you may think - now that the Liberty Dollar has suspended (closed) operations, it is an admission that the Liberty Dollar is a coin or is intended to be a coin. That is not the reason. The temporary closing of Liberty Dollar concedes nothing. Rather, it is presently closed inasmuch as doing otherwise might be interpreted as a violation of an interim Court Order. Note below for more info.

7. Legal Update
On Monday, August 25, 2009, my attorney in Charlotte received the long awaited "Discovery Disk" - a not uncommon happening in a Federal criminal case to assist a defendant in preparing his defense. The name "Discovery Disk" is an understatement in this case. Dozens of disks arrived, with approximately 1.8 million documents and two banker boxes of taped recordings. This has the earmarks of a prosecutorial "misadventure."

IAC, if you expect a quick resolution for the in-battered Liberty Dollar, you will be sadly disappointed. Federal cases, from initial investigation to conclusion, average about five years. The war against the Liberty Dollar started with the US Mint's warning on September 13, 2006. There is still a lot more to time for this case. So please stay tuned and plan to come to the Trial Party in Statesville NC some time in 2010 or at least I hope it is in 2010 so I can get back to Hawaii.

8. 2009 - 50th State / 50th Anniversary / $50 Hawaii Dala?
August 21, 2009 was the 50th anniversary of the 50th State and of course as the Mintmaster of Royal Hawaiian Mint for 25 years I was drawn to commemorate that historic event as it is also the Mint's 35th anniversary. And as it is the 50th of the 50th, it would seem only fitting to commemorate it with a $50 Dala. Well, I just don't know what might happen but it should be abundantly clear that a Hawaiian commemorative medallion named the Hawaiian $50 Dala is not a coin, currency or current money.

In my announcement to the Hawaii Dala list of collectors, I stated:
"So in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Statehood, the 2009 Sovereign features Kamehameha in ultra high relief (UHR) and a special 50 ANNIVERSARY in the pedestal. I will also deface each reverse with special, hand stamped Hallmark that states, "NOT GOV $$$" as if anybody could possibly confuse a $50 Kamehameha Dala with a $1 US Eisenhower Dollar."

Quite frankly, I don't know what will past muster with the attorneys. But a full detailed description of the reverse design will be made before any orders are accepted. And I will announce this exciting commemorative issue ASAP. Regardless of how you feel about statehood in Hawaii, Happy 50th Anniversary!

Please click HERE to read the Hawaii Dala announcement.
Please click HERE to receive the Hawaii Dala announcements.
Please click HERE for the Hawaii Dala page.

Closing Remarks:
Trust me, I am painfully aware that it is wrong for you to order anything and not receive it. IMHO there is every reason for you to receive your "politically expressive" Tea Party Dollars as protected by the First Amendment. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated as we do everything possible to deliver your Tea Party Dollars order.

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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