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April 2009 Vol. 11 No. 04

Welcome Liberty Dollar Supporters!

Call to Action: RCO program is back! Click HERE for info.

BREAKING NEWS: FBI in Evansville!
On Tuesday, May 12 Agent Andrew Romagnuolo (aka "Agent F" because he is not an "A" agent) and another anonymous FBI agent visited Evansville. They surprised Sarah Bledsoe in her bathrobe at 6:45 in the morning to hand deliver the famous "Target Letter" informing her that she is a "target" of a criminal investigation. As you may recall Sarah was with NORFED, the previous organization, from its inception and took the daylong assault of the FBI raid. She has not been associated with the Liberty Dollar since the raid. We understand that the agents tried to find Rachelle Moseley, current manager of the Liberty Dollar Fulfillment Office for the past year. Unfortunately she was not on hand to meet with the FBI agents. I am still awaiting my Target Letter with glee as I see this action as a very positive development towards getting the Liberty Dollar in court. Remember that's why I sued the US government two years ago, so we can vindicate and validate the Liberty Dollar. It's all part of getting your property back and establishing a private voluntary barter currency (PBVC) to save America from the ravages of hyperinflation. Meanwhile, due to your strong support, Liberty Dollar just had its best month ever and used that business to issue the politically over-the-top Tea Party Dollar! Please note all the great news below! Note: Article #8 for the Legal Update on recovering the seized material.

WOW!!! Over 60,000 Tea Party Dollars Ordered in 24 HOURS!!!

Thank you for the tremendous response to the Tea Party Dollar (Tea Dollar or simply T-Dollar). We have received confirmation from the manufacture that unless there is a shipwreck, glitch or some other major hang up… So if you ordered last week, you will have T-Dollars in time for the Fourth of July demonstrations! Plus hundreds of T-Dollar flags for everyone who ordered 100+ T-Dollars. Please note Article #2 below for an update on the FREE flag program.

WOW what a showing! But 60,000 is not the end. Announcing more T-Dollars for the Tea Party Rallies! As not everybody was able to reply to the 24 Hours Special… and many who did want even more… We ordered 100,000 Tea Party Dollars!!! THAT'S OVER THREE TONS OF COPPER T-DOLLARS!!! Why?! Because we all know that our country needs REAL MONEY. One dollar for one ounce. How simple can it be?! So simple, you would think the government would get. But they don't! Could it be that they just don't want to "get it?"!! It would lead a thinking person to consider that they might be conspiring against the American people and our Constitution?

For me, it is obvious that "they" need a few more peaceful demonstrations to "get it!" And of course, we all need real money like the T-Dollar to protect our purchasing power before the government steals everything with their coming hyperinflationary depression.

Table of Contents:
1. Tea Party Dollar
2. Flag Changed to 2 X 3
3. NEW Bank Card Processing
4. NEW Liberty Associate Rates on Silver!
5. Money and Markets article
6. New RCO Program
7. FREE & Immediate Shipping on 2009 Silver Libertys
8. Legal Update - Deadline Nears

1. Tea Party Dollar
PLEASE NOTE: All Tea Party Dollar orders are PRE-ORDERS. As stated several times, the orders place previously (before this new offer) will be available in time for the July 4th demonstrations. Your order is NOT available now.

Announcing MORE T-Dollars for your next Tea Party Rally! Were you one of many supporters who did not want to order 100 T-Dollars and didn't order the over 100 minimum??? Now you can get 1-99 Tea Party Dollars at face value and still have all the fun of using REAL MONEY instead of that cheap government carp. Just click HERE to order.

PLUS… For a very limited time… You can still get 100 T-Dollars for $0.90 each plus shipping. This offer will be discontinued soon as we have a VERY limited number of T-Dollars available. Click HERE to order.

WAIT… Get the Special T-Flag Bonus for only $4: Order 100 Tea Party Dollars and get the special Tea Party Dollar Flag for your Fourth of July demonstration for only $4! Please note, the flag will be sent to you in time for the July 4th demonstrations but the 100 T-Dollars will not arrive by July 4th unless you ordered in the first offering. Click HERE for the 100 T-Dollar + Flag special.

BETTER YET… Contact a RCO to get your own Tea Party Dollars in time for the Fourth! And ask them for a flag or two!

BEST EVER… Become a RCO and get your all your Liberty Dollar and Tea Party Dollars at a serious discount such as only $0.75 each for a minimum order of 1000 copper T-Dollars!!! Click HERE for new RCO info.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot promise that these new orders for T-Dollars will be here in time for the Fourth of July events. But there is no better way to share the Tea Party mission and show your support than to share a T-Dollar with your friends. Please place your order now before everything is sold out. Every copper order has sold out. Order now to avoid disappointment.

Every $1 Tea Party Dollar (T-Dollar) measures 39mm (larger than the old US Silver Dollar) and contains one full ounce of pure copper. One ounce for one dollar! So simple even the government should be able to understand it… but obviously don't!!

Now… could you just imagine if those Fumbling Bunch of Idiots (aka FBI) raided the Liberty Dollar just in time to confiscate the politically expressive Tea Party Dollar like they did the Ron Paul Dollar? Obviously, it is impossible to mistaken the T-Dollar for a counterfeit US dollar that is solidly protected by the First Amendment. And while I would never bait this government to pull such a boner again… time is drawing close to resolve their ridiculous course of action regarding the Liberty Dollar. Remember they never found any Weapons of Mass Destruction… so anything is possible. Please note article #8 for the Legal Update.

Editor note: We now know as per the Target Letters that the government is going to pursue the criminal investigation which will trump the civil efforts to recover the seized material and further extend the pain to so many of you. Please stay tune for action you can take to guarantee that your property is returned ASAP.

2. Flag Changed to 2 X 3

We don't like to change an offer… In the heat of the T-Dollar blitz the 3 X 5 foot flag seemed like a good idea. But then we realized a flag that big would take two people to hold it and we didn't think that was best from an individual perspective. So we have changed the FREE flag offer to a 2 X 3 foot flag and to be fair, everybody who ordered 100+ T-Dollars will get TWO free flagsJ. Please share one with a friend and be happy. Otherwise let us know.

Currently we still have a limited number of 2 X 3 foot Tea Party Dollar flags for $6 each or order two or more and recieve them for only $5 each! Please click HERE to order.

3. NEW Bank Card Processing
We are very pleased to announce that we have a new processor for the Shopping Cart orders! WOW what a difference. Most important for you is that you will NOT be charged the odorous 2% foreign exchange fee as the new processor is in the United States. Be happy and order now. T-Dollars and flags are going fast!

4. NEW Liberty Associate Rates on Silver!
As announced last month, just like AAA and AARP, there are advantages to being a Liberty Associate. One of them is reduced rates for Silver Liberty and other specials throughout the year. For example: During May, Liberty Associates can order 1-64 Silver Libertys for only spot + $3.00, 128 Silver Libertys for spot + $2.50 and 512 Silver Libertys for only spot + $2.00!! Of all the one ounce silver products in the marketplace, the $20 Liberty Dollar best exemplifies the concept of silver money. Please consider becoming a Liberty Associate today for only $24 and save!

5. Money and Markets: "A Sneak Peek at the Future ..."
Please click HERE for an interesting peek into the future.

6. New RCO Program
Continuing with the many changes to modernize the Liberty Dollar, the Application to open a Regional Currency Office (RCO) has changed. Now you can become a RCO by filing an application, completing a phone interview and paying the $1,000 annual fee.* The advantages of being a RCO are: 1) Participate in "Bulk Orders" with fellow RCOs for bullion rates of only spot plus $1.50 for $20 Silver Libertys. 2) Enjoy special pricing and offers for only RCOs from time to time. 3) Exclusive use of the RCO user group and conference calls for added market advantages. 4) Participate in the "Naked Back" Silver Liberty program that facilitates RCOs to customize their issues with the name or logo of their region, business or entity. 5) Receive a custom punch that RCOs hand stamp on the "Naked Back" Silver Libertys. 6) Receive 10 Merchant Displays, Merchant decals, 250 brochures and other miscellaneous info. *RCO Guarantee: I am so certain that you will enjoy being an RCO, I will refund your $1000 fee at the end of the first year if you make an earnest effort, order over 1000 ounces, return collateral materials and are not 100% satisfied. Please click HERE for more info.

Please check out all the RCO info online via the menu button in the left column on the home page. Chick HERE for the application. Please note some of the RCO info on our site may be outdated. It is hard to keep everything updated but we are trying!

7. FREE & Immediate Shipping on 2009 Silver Libertys
All 2009 Silver Libertys on the Shopping Cart are shipping FREE with "immediate shipping." I regret to tell you that the Fulfillment Office in Evansville is swamped and "immediate shipping" is now more than two weeks. And while that is a terrific improvement from our normal 30 day plus delivery time… it is not exactly "immediate." Please bear with us as we fine-tune the delivery from our new mint. We hope shipping will be less than a week within a month or so.

8. Legal Update - Deadline Nears
Well our dearly beloved government is up to their usual dirty tricks. After I filed my personal Rule 41g Motion to recover the office computers, etc that was still not covered by the overly broad Search and Seizure Warrants, the DOJ had 60 days to reply. They didn't respond. In any non-government civil action I would win by default. But not when the gov Court works with the gov Defense. Imagine that! After I brought this default to the Court's attention, the Court gave the DOJ seventeen more days to reply. Guess what the DOJ did? They filed for a 60-day extension! So I countered that DOJ Motion with a strongly worded objection which I expect will be denied in favor of the… DOJ, image that! Now the most interesting part of all this positioning is that the DOJ's request for 60 additional days in addition to the already 77 days for a whooping 137 days to reply ends on June 17th, just three days before the DOJ second six month extension (that is 365 days of extensions!) to reply to the major Rule 41g Motion to recover all the gold and silver seized at Sunshine Minting and the Liberty Dollar offices, ends on June 20! To recap, the US Mint posted their warning in 2006 and the FBI raided Liberty Dollar in 2007, so we are now years into this pissing contest over a trumped up investigation that needs to be resolved and your property retuned proto! But as we all know (and of course the government is certainly reading this:) in all likelihood that is not going to happen. If we can believe the FBI, the raid on the Liberty Dollar was part of a much larger investigation that started two year earlier. That would make this a five-year investigation! Over what?! How damn slow is this damn government… of the people, by the people and for the people? Obviously pretty damn sloooow. Something must happen by June 17. The government just does not get it because they just do not want to. If they did, they would be in the REAL MONEY business. Meanwhile, even though I have moved back to Hawaii, Liberty Dollar just had its best month ever and exchanged over 60,000 of those dreaded depreciating non-federal non-reserve IOUs for … Tea Party Dollars - the REAL MONEY!!! This is your last chance to send that long over due letter to the Magistrate in Asheville.

Closing Remarks:
I know it is very tough to be deprived of your property. Me too!! The gov action is not right or just. The DOJ action is not about being right. Very simply, they are just trying to drive the Liberty Dollar and the ideals it represents out of business. Thank you for not allowing that to happen! Stay tune for the show down. Ultimately, you will get your property back, if for no other reason, because your name was NOT on the search and seizure warrant. Hang on to your warehouse receipts and hang in there. Our Founding Fathers are smiling upon us. We must remain true to the principles that this country was founded on!

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you for returning America to value - one Liberty Dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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