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April 19th, 2009

Alert: Tea Party Dollar Special

URGENT Message for all Liberty Dollar Supporters!

My hat off to Jeff and his band of "Kotchounians" who were so fired up by the tremendous Tea Party demonstrations that they came up with a terrific new dollar for the Fourth of July demonstrations overnight!

Announcing: 2009 Tea Party Dollar for a buck! Just imagine going to the next tax demonstrations with your very own $1 Tea Party Dollar! WOW!! And you can get it for less than a dollar - with those dreaded depreciating non-Federal non-Reserve IOUs! - if you respond within the next 24 HOURS.

2009 Tea Party Dollar $1

Every $1 Tea Party Dollar measures 39mm that is larger than the old US Silver Dollar and contains one full ounce of pure copper. One ounce for one buck! So simple even the government should be able to understand it… but probably won't!! But you can for only $0.90 if you respond to this Special Pre-Offer before the deadline. Plus FREE shipping on this offer only!

If you want to be sure to get your own $1 Tea Party Dollar, you must order before the deadline! Only pre-orders for a minimum of 100 are possible. Sorry we just can't do onesies and twosies at this time as we must place our order by close of business on MONDAY.

Please click HERE to order.

But WAIT!!! Here is a SPECIAL Bonus: Order over 100 Tea Party Dollars and we will gift you a FREE Super 3 X 5 foot Tea Party Dollar flag for your Fourth of July demonstration!

DEADLINE to pre-order is 5:00 PM CDT. This Special Offer will be promptly removed from the shopping cart at that time. Sorry if you want a Tea Party Dollar after that date, you will have to get it from someone who participated in this very special pre-sale offer.

Please click HERE to order.

Remember every copper issue has SOLD OUT. To date all five copper orders are selling for more that a buck! In fact, the copper Ron Paul Dollar is over $15 on eBay right now! The last Copper Libertys are already over $2 and currently offered at $4 on the Liberty Dollar site. You can't go wrong for a buck!!!

My sincere thanks to Jeff, his merry band of "Kotchounians," and all the ACTIVE supporters of the Liberty Dollar for this terrific idea. It doesn't take a village to raise a child… but it takes your active support to return our great country to a value based currency and NO TAXES like it was before 1913!!!


PS: Don't forget about ordering some Silver Liberty Dollars at new bullion pricing of only $2 over spot plus FREE and IMMEDIATE shipping!!! Just click HERE.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect

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