Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
March 2010 Vol. 12 No. 03

More Dollars & Idaho Silver

Table of Contents:
1. 2010 Silver Gun Dollars!
2. Idaho to Accept Silver?
3. Cabool Merchant Directory
4. National Financial Suicide
5. WATCH FOR A MAJOR ALERT in your email box soon!
6. Real Rate of Gold
7. Michael Badnarik is Back!
8. Robert Clarkson
9. Books that I Relied on & Inspired LD
10. Kevin & the Ugly Truth

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. 2010 Silver Gun Dollars!

Silver Gun Dollar

I have just been informed by that they have issued a new 2010 Second Amendment Dollar aka Gun Dollar. WOW! Following their very successful initial issue in 2009, Bud has issued the 2010 Silver Gun Dollar with one ounce of 999 fine silver to show their support for an individual's gun rights.

Alan McConnell with Silver Liberty Marketing, the company that produces the Gun Dollar has contracted with a new mint whose work is as outstanding as the legendary Sunshine Mint. Trust me, I have seen the work and attest that the quality if the new 2010 Gun Dollar is outstanding.

For more info on the 2010 Silver Gun Dollar and to get one of these legendary Second Amendment issues while you still can, please visit And don't forget the special hallmarked and numbered collector issues. They are specifically designed to appreciate in collector value even more than the regular Brilliant Uncirculated Gun Dollar. You will not be disappointed.

The Gun Dollar is an item that I designed and receives a small royalty. I am not involved in the production, distribution or marketing of this issue.

NOTICE: The Second Amendment Dollar is not intended to be used as United States currency and any representation as such is strictly prohibited by law.

2. Idaho to Accept Silver for Taxes?
Lawmakers pushing for taxes being paid in silver

On March 15, 2010 the Idaho Statesman in Boise reported on a new monetary initiative to authorize the State of Idaho to provide a silver medallion and accept it in lieu of state taxes. This groundbreaking event is the brainchild of Phil Hart, the Republican state Representative for Athol. Mr. Hart's district also includes Coeur d'Alene, the home of Sunshine Mint who minted all the Liberty Dollars from its inception in 1998 until it was raided in 2007.

The brief article stated:

BOISE, Idaho - Idaho lawmakers are backing a plan that would allow state tax bills to be paid down with silver medallions instead of cash.

The bill approved Monday is intended to encourage the use of silver as a form of currency and reinvigorate Idaho's silver mining industry, which has been in decline for decades.

Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart told the House State Affairs Committee that consumers should rely less on money printed by the federal government because inflation will diminish its value. His bill reignites a long-standing debate about the value of paper money not backed by commodities.
Hart's measure also includes tax breaks for any company that agrees to process silver ore for the medallions.

Lawmakers in Georgia considered allowing citizens to pay taxes with gold and silver last year.

It should not come as any surprise that State Representative Hart is no stranger to the Liberty Dollar. In fact, Phil was a Regional Currency Officer (RCO) for the Liberty Dollar, visited Sunshine on a Liberty Dollar sponsored mint tour, and dare I say, Phil is even a friend of mine. I like Phil a lot. And I like his new House Bill 633 to create Chapter 46: "Idaho Silver Gem Act of 2010."

Very anointfully, Phil has been able blend the best of the various State monetary initiatives into a well thought out plan for Idaho. Of course, Idaho with its long mining history and home of the legendary Bunker Hill and Coeur d'Alene mines, is a prime area for such an initiative. Who knows maybe the Liberty Dollar's State Monetary Initiative launched in 2005 that Phil participated in was an influence.

Regardless of where Phil draws his inspiration, he wisely quotes the US Constitution that: "No state shall ... make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts..." drops the face value and relies on the State of Idaho to value the "Idaho Gem" medallion tied to the retail value of the American Silver Eagle minted by the US Mint.

At first, like so many state monetary initiatives in Nevada, Indiana, New Hampshire, and South Carolina among others, I thought that such a valuation plan would be too troubling for the State, but if Idaho is truly a servant of the people, by Jove it just might work. And open the door to many other non-tax uses in the state. Plus it could fuel the call from other states to take action to balance their budget and protect their citizens from the ravages of hyperinflation. Now that would be wonderful!

For the sake of the good people of Idaho and their thoughtful Representative Hart, I certainly wish the "Idaho Gem" medallion the very best! Go get'em Phil!

Click HERE for an additional article: "Idaho's plan to downgrade the dollar" by Andrew Leonard that includes an image of the Great Seal of the State of Idaho as proposed in Phil's House Bill 633.

Click HERE for a related article.

3. Cabool Merchant Directory
Just as State Representative Phil Hart is taking action to protect his state and its citizens from the depreciating US dollar (aka inflation and theft), many private citizens are taking community matters into their own hands. Two months ago LDN reported that Joshua Deathridge had issued the Cabool Dollar for the greater good of central Missouri. Now he had developed a Merchant Directory, complete with advertising! Please click HERE to really appreciate his development. Joshua is not just proposing legislation, he is taking action and that stole my heart. You too can enjoy such fun by contacting Alan McConnell at Silver Liberty Marketing.

4. National Financial Suicide
The 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government has finally been released, and the news is not good. It basically confirms much of what we already know - that the United States government is a complete financial mess. The U.S. government budget deficit for 2009 was a record-setting 1.417 trillion dollars. The total liabilities of the U.S. government rose from 12.178 trillion dollars at the end of 2008 to 14.123 trillion dollars by the end of 2009. At their present rates of growth, the interest on the national debt and spending on entitlement programs will gobble up almost every single dollar of federal revenue by the end of the decade. Throughout the report, the word "unsustainable" is repeatedly used. The authors of the report make it clear that the United States government is facing a financial crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

The compete 254 page report is available HERE.

In a section about Social Security and Medicare, the authors of the report freely admitted, "it is apparent that these programs are on a fiscally unsustainable path".

The truth is that the U.S. economy is caught in an economic death spiral. In a word Americans are facing national financial suicide. Complete article is available HERE.

Now to really understand how inflation happened in modern day Argentina, please take a moment and check HERE.

Additional histories of inflation are available HERE.

5. WATCH FOR A MAJOR ALERT in your email box soon!

6. Real Rate of Gold
Recently fellow monetarist and friend James Turk of wrote a brilliant article that explains that the real rate of gold would be $6,255 if the US government had not made any changes to the way it calculates CPI. Please take a moment to visit this refreshingly simple concept at: For more info on what is really happening to your government money, please visit John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics - Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting at

7. Michael Badnarik is Back!
I am very pleased to announce that my good friend and Constitutional Scholar Michael Badnarik survived his heart attack and is back! In fact, Michael is on the road, presenting his terrific Constitution Class around the country. As many more people discover the Constitutional values via the Tea Party movement, Michael reports that more people are signing up for his legendary class. As a past student of Michael's class, I can testify to its unique value that is taught by one of today's most spirited patriots! Please visit Michael on line at www. or email him at Don't miss this class! It's terrific!

8. Robert Clarkson
I regret to inform you that Dr. Robert Clarkson of South Carolina died on March 1, 2010 after a long struggle with stomach cancer. Robert was born in Sumter, served as a platoon commander in Vietnam, graduated in economics from Clemson, earned his Juris Doctor at USC and ran for U.S. Congress on the Republican ticket.

As a young attorney he realized the IRS and state Department of Revenue were taking advantage of often weak and ill-informed working people, and redressing lawless tax collections became his primary focus. His Patriot Network organization continues since his death. Over the years Clarkson produced and distributed thousands of books, videos and other resources.

I remember Robert mostly for his support of the Liberty Dollar. After the Liberty Dollar was raided, I learned that Robert had been raided by the same FBI agent and prosecuted by the same DOJ attorney seized all his Patriot network materials and tried everything to keep his property. But Robert would not hear of that and everything was returned through his own efforts. Liberty Dollar will be using Robert's strategies to overcome the ridiculous changes of counterfeiting, fraud and conspiracy and have your property returned.

Like the many dedicated Americans before him, Robert Clarkson will be missed.

For more information about the Patriot Network please visit:
Nelson Waller 864-356-9966

9. Books that I Relied on & Inspired LD
Thank you for inquiring about what books and materials that I relied on or inspired me to create the Liberty Dollar. Originally, as the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint my "job" was to develop new products for the Mint's collectors. So in answer to requests for a paper Hawaiian currency, I developed the Hawaiian Sovereign Currency as a co-product to the Mint's gold and silver specie issues. Over a 23 year period of research and development I became informed about money, it value and failures. Eventually, I wrote an article on "Free Market Currency" and designed the world's first free market currency that set the course for the Liberty Dollar.

The complete list of references, articles and books that influenced the development of the Liberty Dollar is really quite extensive. After all, the time span was 23 years, and even with a growing business, two young sons and all the usual demands, I consumed a small library of materials. So in preparation for the long awaited trial on counterfeiting, I have cataloged the books I relied on and inspired me to create the Liberty Dollar is available HERE. The hundreds of articles, brochures, etc will be indexed at a later time.

My favorite economic authors include: von Hayek, Rothbard, von Mises, and Ron Paul among many others.

10. Kevin & the Ugly Truth
BAD NEWS: As the first anniversary of the Liberty Dollar Four arrest approaches, it is very clear that the government plans is to do nothing, drag this case out and try every dirty trick to force Kevin to accept a plea bargain. That's how the DOJ wins 95% of their cases.

Fortunately, because of Kevin's penchant for yoga and meditation plus his strong inner self, he is the perfect person to resist such persistent torture. The unfortunate truth is that if Kevin were to cop a plea bargain it would strengthen the government case against Liberty Dollar and your wrongfully seized property. It would make it difficult but not impossible for thousands of Liberty Dollar supporters from recovering their wrongfully seized property back. Please don't let this happen!

If you have a dog in this North Carolina fight, please write to Kevin. Send your favorite inspirational or spiritual book to him. Please remember, all books must come from a bookseller, not you personally. And any money donated would help Kevin maintain his vegetarian diet. Please help Kevin remain strong and healthy during his time in jail.

Apart from being innocent, the Liberty Dollar Four have a winnable case. Your continued support will ensure that will happen.

Please let Kevin know you support him:
William Kevin Innes
2351 Morganton Blvd, SW
Lenoir, NC 28645

In addition to Kevin's plight, I have taken a job in Hawaii in an effort to make ends meet during these most difficult times. And while I may be miles away from North Carolina, the vindication of the Liberty Dollar, acquittal of the Liberty Dollar Four and the return of your wrongfully seized property remains my mission.

Closing Remarks:
Now, as the Liberty Dollar Four approaches the first anniversary of the arrest and with no legal action on the horizon, it is important that we all remain dedicated to the values and goals that the Liberty Dollar represents. Please send something to Kevin and let him know that you appreciate his stand with a small gift.

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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