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LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS - February 23. 2009

Voila - LD Introduces Bullion Pricing!

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

WOW! It has finally happened! Unknown to most, a core group of very dedicated Liberty Dollar activists have been hard at work to reinvent the Liberty Dollar with "bullion pricing" that will greatly reduce prices and put more silver and profits in your pocket! Plus with the new Merchant Account you can now order with your bank card online!

As it turns out… the results are much much more than just lower prices as silver shoots up and all the convenience of ordering online! The new "bullion pricing" program has FREE and rapid shipping of your orders, greater profits and is a tremendous boost to our efforts to safeguard Americans from the ravages of hyperinflation. WOW! I hope you enjoy this long-awaited announcement as much as we are pleased to finally make it. Special thanks to those who made the "bullion pricing" possible. And for all of you who had your property confiscated by the Fumbling Bunch of Idiots (FBI) please note the good news in Bernard's Legal Update.

FLASH #1!!! Gold goes over $1000 per ounce and silver pushes $15! Please order before this rush turns into a flood. Remember "dollar cost averaging" is best.

FLASH #2!!! Glenn Beck opened a recent War Room show with the Liberty Dollar and adlibs that I am in jail! Please note I have never been in jail and the government has done everything to keep the Liberty Dollar out of court. I hope to update Glenn on a future show. Click HERE to watch (6:10 into video).

FLASH #3!!! On a personal note, Bernard's mother, Susy, was just named the Athlete of the Year by the State of Florida. She and the male Athlete of the Year will be honored at a special banquet in Tallahassee on March 5.

Table of Contents

1. Liberty Dollar Introduces Bullion Pricing!
2. Shopping Cart with Bank Card Processing! Order online!
3. Silver with Benefits
4. Glenn Beck Hockey-Stick Chart
5. Inflation in our Lifetime
6. Changes for Liberty Associate and RCO Programs
7. 2009 Peace Dollar $1
8. CIBC - Slams Silver by David Morgan
9. Judge Buried by Letters :)
10. Legal Update - Bernard files New Motion

1. Liberty Dollar Introduces Bullion Pricing!
The Liberty Dollar is pleased to announce a new bullion pricing model for the $20 Silver Liberty to revolutionize the private voluntary barter currency (PVBC).

The new "bullion pricing" for the 2009 Silver Liberty $20 is based on the spot metal price plus a small premium for minting so it is less expensive and you make more money using it for $20! This is a huge difference from the earlier "currency pricing" based on the face value that was more expensive.

The Liberty Dollar invites you to take the "Silver Challenge" and compare the $20 Silver Liberty to the US Mint's $1 Silver Eagle and the generic Silver Round without a face value. You can decide which one will benefit you the most. All three items contain one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

Just compare the government's Silver Eagle with a face value of $1 to the private Silver Liberty with a face value of $20. Why buy a Silver Eagle at a higher price that can only be used for one dollar when you can buy the Silver Liberty with the same amount of silver for less money, immediate delivery, plus use it for $20 and profit? There is even less reason to buy a generic Silver Round with no face value. The bottom line is that the benefits of the Silver Liberty are vastly superior to the Silver Eagle or the Silver Round. Click HERE for the Comparison Table.

It is not just the price and delivery that separates the Silver Liberty from the Silver Eagle and the generic Silver Round. While all are round with distinctively attractive designs and contain one Troy ounce of .999 silver, the big difference is the face value. While the Silver Eagle carries a $1 face value in US dollars barring it from use, the Silver Liberty carries a $20 face value in Liberty Dollars that exchanges dollar-for-dollar with the US dollar and encourages people to spend the silver at a profit. Click HERE for the new "bullion price" Rate Schedule.

Now the new bullion pricing for the Liberty Dollar affords everyone the opportunity to protect your purchasing power, family, and America with the Liberty Dollar and profit from the current uncertain times… before the monetary problems become more serious.

Click HERE to order.

2. Shopping Cart with Bank Card Processing! Order online!!
Finally after more grief that you can possibly imagine, we are very pleased to announce that Liberty Dollar has a new Merchant Account so you can order Liberty Dollars online with your Bank Card. Click HERE to order.

3. Silver with Benefits
As we all know, owning actual physical silver has a lot of benefits. So we have created a new business card size sticker: SILVER WITH BENEFITS for the new bullion packaging. Please click HERE to view. Unfortunately, the image does not do justice to the dynamic mirrored silver letters with the black background. You must get some to really appreciate this new sticker! Please click HERE to order.

4. Glenn Beck Hockey-Stick Chart
Please click HERE for YouTube that shows Glenn Beck's hockey-stick chart of new money being created by the Federal Reserve. It show inflation from 1910 into 2010. If this doesn't scare you, nothing will. Posted February 7, 2009. Please note Bernard's comments following "Inflation in Our Lifetime" article. Click HERE to see Bernard on the Glenn Beck Show.

5. Inflation in our Lifetime
Friday, February 6, 2009, 9:52 AM: Jerry Hammond who has the "misfortune of working for national supermarket chain" reports: "I just thought it would kind of be interesting to have everyone post some of the price increases I have recently noticed."

Hellman's Mayo decreased in size by 10% for the same price,
Heinz ketchup reduced in size from 48 oz to 40oz for same price.
King Size Snickers reduced in size by .6 ounces for the same price of $1.39!

Bernard's Note: Thank you, Jerry, for bringing that inflation to our attention. I will ask LD to send a Silver Liberty to you with our thanks. But wait! Inflation is just not in the grocery stores. On May 11 the government operated US Post Office will raise the First Class rate by two cents. No much, eh? Well that is 5% and comes much sooner than the last price increase. The acceleration of the cost of mail is just another indicator that the depreciation of the US dollar is accelerating and we are getting closer to hyperinflation. Plus with much less fanfare in January, the postal rates for Priority and Express Mail have already risen almost 10%!!!

Please take note! Government info is always behind reality. To be kind, they are just a bunch of lying bastards. The US economy is already moving past deflation and quickly rushing into hyperinflation that will usher in a totalitarian government - unless we do something! I call the evolving economic situation, intended or not, The Catapult Effect. The government has cocked the economy with deflation - much like cocking a catapult… and when they let it fly - the USD and our lives are going to be catapulted into hyperinflation. Meanwhile, the same old village idiots from the CFR controlled media are stating we are in a deflationary economy. Nothing could be further from the truth, IMHO. Please view Glenn Beck's video for his hockey-stick chart.

6. Changes for Liberty Associate and RCO Programs
Please note the new bullion priced Liberty Dollar cries out for everyone to get involved… before it is too late. So the Liberty Associate program has been dissolved to remove barriers from using the Liberty Dollar. Now everyone is encouraged to use the volume based bullion pricing to get as many Silver Libertys as possible with the maximum discount and distribute them to your family and friends at a profit to reward yourself for your activism and time. Time is of the ESSENCE! Please don't delay. Either change your money - or lose it!

RCO Program has been modified into a national distribution network. The advantages of being a RCO are: 1) Participate in "Bulk Orders" with fellow RCOs for greater discounts. 2) Participate in the exclusive RCO user group and conference calls for added business advantages. 3) Participate in the "Naked Back" Silver Liberty program that facilitates RCOs to customize their issues with the name or logo of their region, business or entity. 4) Receive a custom punch that RCOs hand stamp on the "Naked Back" Silver Libertys. Annual fee to participate is $1000. All current RCOs are RCOs without any additional fee until January 1, 2010.

7. 2009 Peace Dollar $1
NOTICE: Please read this for important info regarding the condition of the 2009 Peace Dollar and other numismatic information.

First, as this item is only a buck, you know the economics is very tough. But the popularity is undeniable so it is a great way for the Liberty Economy to diversify into the top three coined metals. Second, while the manufacturer in China has continuously tried to improve, the latest mintage of the 2009 Peace Dollar was quite a surprise. If these copper Libertys looked different, please note they were "burnished" after minting. Put this one down to being lost in the translation… because the burnishing was to be done before minting. The result is that the copper 2009 Peace Dollar $1 appears both "shiny" and somewhat "scratched." Plus there is some terrific toning (color change) on some of the Peace Dollars and most notably on the Numbered and Hallmarked Issues... Of course, this is not what we intended but some of the toning is actually quite attractive… and will become more so over time. We will continue to work with the mint in China as they try to improve the engraved dies too.

All 2009 Peace Dollar $1 are SOLD OUT. Thank you very much!!! Every single Peace Dollar is an "expressive act" as protected by the First Amendment that we don't want any stinking war! If you missed out on this important $1 Peace Dollar, they are available on the secondary (collector) market at a premium to the initial issue price. Hint - it is always best to get the issue at its initial issue price!! Likewise, the Limited Numbered Edition (LNE) that was initially issued at $5 is currently $12. The LNE is individually hand numbered and also contains the Peace Symbol hallmark by Bernard. The First Day of Issue (FDI) with the Peace Symbol and Bernard's federally registered Mintmark that was initially issued at $4 is now $8.00. Both of these collector issues are important as they were "cherry picked" to be the best available and of course will appreciate more as only 300 LNE and 300 FDI were minted. Plus with hyperinflation, everything of value, including collector value, will increase. And as the Liberty Dollar becomes more popular with more people, this Peace Dollar will appreciate more than the General Issue.

8. CIBC -Slams Silver by David Morgan
For those of you who have a minute, click HERE for an excellent article on silver by David Morgan, a long-time supporter of the Liberty Dollar in response to a damming article on silver by CIBC. If you ever had any doubts about misinformation this should cure you! Click HERE for the CIBC article.

9. Judge Buried by Letters :)
Thank you for sending your letter to Magistrate Judge Dennis L. Howell. Now with all due respect, I think the FBI duped Magistrate Howell. Even a casual reading of the Affidavit by FBI Special Agent Andrew F. Romagnuolo, reveals an obvious gross distortion of the truth. My sincere thanks to all the Liberty Dollar activists who refuse to let the government steal their property and buried the Magistrate with thousands of letters voicing their "public challenge" to his recent ruling that granted another six months to the FBI investigation of the Liberty Dollar. The new deadline for government action is June 20th!

NOW… if you have any paper or digital Liberty Dollars and have NOT mailed your letter to Magistrate Judge Dennis L. Howell… SHAME ON YOU! Please take immediate action by sending this Letter to the Magistrate stating that you are an interested party, are publicly challenging any additional Stay and demand the immediate return of your property. This letter is in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have MS Word installed click HERE to download and install a viewer from Microsoft.

Your action will ensure that you will get your property back because your name was not on the Search and Seizure Warrants and refuse to let the government steal your property. Thank you for your activism!!! PS: Now is also a good time to please make a contribution to the Contingency Club, only $100 minimum.

10. Legal Update - Bernard files New Motion
As many of your know, the DOJ filed a secret sealed Motion (aren't you glad we don't live in the old Soviet Empire:) for another six month extension. Well, I was not happy with that secret extension so on January 30, 2009, I filed my own pro se Rule 41g Motion. And while the Motion only asks for the recovery of confiscated material that was not covered by the Search and Seizure Warrants, it puts the government on notice that this matter should be resolved, the sooner the better. Please click HERE to view the Motion.

This LDNews is longer than usual… but OH soo good. Hope you are enjoying the Liberty Dollar. It is alive and well thanks to your good support! That's it for another month. Stay in touch, live well and profit with the new bullion priced 2009 Silver Liberty $20!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect

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