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January 2009

Table of Contents:
1. Wild West stagecoach run from Sunshine to our new mint
2. The New 2009 Silver Liberty is available Now
3. Success story - Gold fever in Pismo Beach
4. 2009 $1 Peace Dollar ships. LNE and FDI Sells out!
5. Gideon Gono, head of Zimbabwe Central Bank to advise the Obama Administration
6. Liberty Dollar detailed in the River City Reader

1. From the CEO's Desk - A crazy wild west stagecoach run with 25,000 oz of silver from the Idaho panhandle to Southern California
Have I got a story to tell you! Bernard and I are working on a project to allow Liberty Dollar to operate with minimal supply delays that are plaguing the Silver dealers. Our goal is to be able to ship within three days after payment is received. As part of this project, we worked with a number of Liberty Dollar supporters to create an inventory to more quickly replenish the Silver Libertys you order. January started out with a top secret run from Sunshine Mint in the Idaho panhandle all the way to Southern California. I bribed my dad with a 1 oz gold liberty to do a road trip with me the week after the new year. So like a trouper he showed up in Sacramento with his one-ton pickup and we drove to Portland on Day One and then on to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for an early morning pickup of 25,000 ounces of silver at the Sunshine Mint.


It was snowing and cold. See my picture next to the truck in the snow. The blue tarp on the back is covering twenty-five 1,000 ounce bars of silver. By the way, 25,000 ounces is almost 1800 lbs. 25 thousand ounce bars of silver really aren't that big but the truck definitely settled when the forklift sat the pallet on the truck bed. We then began the straight-through trek from Coeur d'Alene to southern California -- a journey of 1400+ miles and over 20 hours. The first hour was white knuckle tense as we looked over our shoulders and checked the rearview mirrors, regularly wondering if the word somehow got out about our silver run. But after an hour we realized that no one was following us and settled in to a long trip south, running ahead of a snowstorm until Portland, Oregon. Twenty four hours later we delivered the silver to the new mint with a sigh of relief.

2. Order the New 2009 Silver Liberty Now
The 2009 $20 one ounce Silver Liberty continues to improve its design to eliminate any possible confusion with the addition of: PVBC acronym for "private voluntary barter currency" and MSRP acronym for "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price" to define the face value. "Inflation Proof Silver" and NFV for "Nominal Face Value" have also been added to the reverse. Click HERE to Pre Order and Get Yours First. Limit 10.

2009 Silver Liberty

3. Success story - Gold Fever in Pismo Beach
Anne, a friend of mine and a recent convert to Liberty Dollar received a quarter ounce $500 Gold Liberty in exchange for her consulting services in Pismo Beach, California. She had wanted to keep the Liberty but as the month drew to a close she needed to pay her office rent. She began a quest to exchange her Gold Liberty and had conversations with the local coin shop (he was clueless). She then called an Associate she knew and he offered her $400. Then she showed it to the building manager who agreed to show it to the landlord. Well, once the building manager had the Liberty he didn't want to release it and bought it from Anne for $475. She had so much fun and met so many new people that she is convinced that bartering with Liberty Dollars are absolutely the way to go. Who knows? We may have the seeds of a community currency planted in Pismo Beach!

4. 2009 $1 Peace Dollar ships
The Peace Dollars have arrived and we have shipped over 15,000 of the 30,000. They are already selling on eBay for $8.00. The Limited Numbered and First Day of Issue with the hand punched hallmark are SOLD OUT! Luck you if you got some of these at the unbelievable introductory prices. As soon as we can get some, we will make them available at secondary market prices. Once we have shipped all the General Issues out the door we will offer a new copper Liberty Dollar issue. Stay tuned for that announcement.

5. Gideon Gono, Head of the Zimbabwean Central Bank to Advise the Obama Administration
You may have heard that Zimbabwe recently knocked 12 zeroes off their currency. A trillion dollar note? Click HERE for a great spoof about Gono the king of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe advising the Obama administration: Well, maybe it's not a spoof. Could hyperinflation be just around the corner for the USA?

6. The Future of Money?
River City Reader article details Liberty Dollar…
In the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, area, you can walk around with coins in your pocket that can be exchanged for goods and services at more than five dozen merchants. They say "Liberty" and "Trust in God" on the front, and on the back they claim a value of $20 or $50. They're made of silver, and they are neither produced nor endorsed by the federal government. In Fairfield, Iowa, those same coins are accepted at more than 15 merchants…Read this article here at

The big news is that the Liberty Dollar continues to move forward due to your support. That's all for now. Stay tuned for more news in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

Dan Priest CEO

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