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Commentary on FBI Raid

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Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act by Ron Paul 12.13.2007

The government confiscation of American Liberty Dollars by Edward Griffin 12.05.2007

Gestapo raid on coin-producing enterprise by Richard H. Timberlake, Jr., PhD 12.03.2007

In Paul We Trust: Do The New Liberty Dollars, Bearing Candidate Ron Paul's Image, Constitute Illegal Currency? by Anita Ramasastry 12.03.2007

The Issue: Founder says raid was politically motivated. by Courier Press Editorial 12.03.2007

Should Gold And Silver Be "Illegal" Tender? by J.J. Jackson 12.1.2007

Comments by Lawrence A. Hunter PhD 11.30.2007

Liberty, Ron Paul Dollars Seized in Raid by David L. Ganz 11.29.2007

US Mint Calls Liberty Dollar "Delicious!" EAT YOUR MONEY 11.28.2007

Bring back the Liberty dollar by Ian Hoffman 11.28.2007

Liberty Dollars by Alvaro Vargas Llosa 11.28.2007

A Bright Shiny Lesson in Government Theft: How the Feds Seized My Silver Dollars by Rick Rajter 11.26.2007

The Precedent for the Ron Paul Dollar by Clifford Thies 11.26.2007

The Soviet-Style Attack on NORFED by The Future of Freedom Foundation 11/21/2007

Federal Raid on Liberty Dollar Seizes Illegal Ron Paul Currency by Wake up America 11.17.2007

Your Liberty Dollar Raid Update by Jeff Taylor 11.16.2007

Liberty Dollar Raid Calls to Question Constitutionality of Independent Currency by Derek Getman 11.16.2007

Liberty Dollar Raid Update by Steve 11.16.2007

Raid on Liberty Dollar Pictures by Evansville Blog 11.15.2007

Frontal Assault on Freedom: FBI Raids Liberty Dollar by theRabidQuill 11.15.2007

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