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News Stories About FBI Raid

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Liberty Dollar fight for silver continues Re-established operation offers 'arrest dollars' to generate support (WorldNetDaily) 12.27.2007

Issuing new money is a money-maker for banker insiders (The Free Liberal) 12.25.2007

Business booming after raid (Evansville Courier Press) 12.17.2007

Ron Paul Dollar Days And Our Starry Starry Rights... (Nolan Chart) 12.15.2007

Citing Liberty Dollar, Rep. Paul offers Free Competition in Currency Act (GATA) 12.13.2007

Liberty Dollar Fights Back (theStreet) 12.6.2007

Liberty Dollar says raid was political Came just after delivery of 60,000 Ron Paul dollars (WorldNetDaily) 12.1.2007

Liberty Dollar owner expects he'll be jailed (Evansville News 14) 11.30.2007

One more silver dollar - Asheville in the spotlight in Liberty Dollar raid (Mountain Xpress) 11.28.2007

Fed Up (The New Republic) 11.28.2007

"When funny money is no laughing matter (Palm Beach Post) 11.23.2007

Creator claims raid is linked to Paul campaign (Evansville Courier Press) 11.30.2007

Setting the record straight (Evansville Courier Press) 11.30.2007

Liberty Dollar medallions could land coin collectors in jail (Missoulian) 11.21.2007

Creator defends 'illegal' Ron Paul 'Liberty Dollar' (theRawStory) 11.21.2007

'Spectacular Trial' Is Seen in Case of Liberty Dollar (New York Sun) 11.19.2007

The Liberty Dollar Question (Ludwig von Mises Institute) 11.19.2007

FBI Affidavit Exposes Capitalist Processes as Evidence of Crimes (Freedom's Phoenix) 11.19.2007

Liberty Dollar Seller Looking Forward To Big Ebay Payday (Nolan Chart) 11.19.2007

If It's Good Enough For Mickey, Why Not For Paul? (Washington Post) 11.19.2007

Media bias at NB in the editors' picks themselves (NewsBusters) 11.19.2007

The Liberty Dollar Raid (NHInsider) 11.18.2007


Ron Paul Coins Soars After Raid (Freedom's Phoenix) 11.17.2007

Liberty Dollars Stolen To Protect Money Trust (TruthNews) 11.17.2007

Raid target: 'This is war' Liberty Dollar founder says, 'I intend to win' (World Net Daily) 11.17.2007

Liberty dollar head anticipates his arrest (Evansville Courier Press) 11.17.2007

In Paul They Trust - The Feds May Differ (Washington Post) 11.17.2007

Federal agents seize coins and silver (Indianapolis Star) 11.17.2007

Mainland FBI raid included Hawaii Dalas (Honolulu Star Bulletin) 11.17.2007

U.S. Raids Issuer of Ron Paul Coins (New York Sun - FRONT PAGE) 11.16.2007

Libertarians React to the Raid 11.16.2007 (New York Sun)

Liberty Dollar Raid Calls to Question Constitutionality of Independent Currency (BloggersNews) 11.16.2007

Raid on Ron Paul Dollar Maker (TheStreet) 11.16.2007

Feds seize two tons of funny money featuring Ron Paul (USA Today) 11.16.2007

Feds raid Liberty Dollar offices Gold, silver for 'private voluntary barter currency' confiscated (World Net Daily) 11.16.2007

Feds raid 'Liberty Dollar' operations in Idaho and Indiana (The Associated Press) 11.16.2007

Liberty Dollar raid warrant originated in Asheville (Mountain Xpress) 11.16.2007

Evansville FBI acknowledges Liberty Dollar raid 11.15.2007

Liberty Dollar office raided (Evansville Courier Press) 11.15.2007

Feds raid Liberty Dollar and seize and freeze everything (GoldSeek) 11.15.2007

FBI raids Liberty Dollar headquarters. All assets frozen or confiscated. ( 11.15.2007

Evansville company raided by FBI (Channel 14 News Evansville) 11.15.2007

The Liberty Dollar and Alternative Currencies (Finance Weblog) 11.15.2007