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How the Liberty Dollar became associated with G. Edward Griffin:

Many many years ago when I was sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean, a very beautiful rock named Hawaii, learning about money, I discovered many rich resources that became my bedrock of understanding. This "road of discovery" that started in 1974, was formalized in my initial research paper titled, To Know Value (link), dated September 11, 1974. My initial leaning period culminated with the introduction of the Liberty Dollar on October 1, 1998, some 24 years later.

Along the long and winding path of monetary enlightenment, I was blessed to have the wisdom and insights of many very bright, gifted and well intending writers, monetarists and even a few doers. Unfortunately, most were dead when I discovered them.

It was to my good fortune that when I discovered Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, he was not dead. In fact, he was very alive and lathered up about the Federal Reserve. He was not only aware of the fiat money problem, he had written an outstanding history of the rise of fake money in America.

Back in those "good old days," it was possible to just pick up the phone and call Ed, which is what I did one day at the urging of one of my supporters. It was an amazing "cold call." Ed was rich with curiosity and doubts as to the success of a totally private gold and silver currency. His feeling was that such an idea was... simply impossible. So I urged him to think about it. To Ed's credit, he did. And a few days later he came back with two questions... then other questions. No sir, he was not going to take this new fangled money lightly. Over the course of a few months, Ed asked a dozen questions and he wanted them answered in writing! Writing, I gasped! Now I have to write something for the great G. Edward Griffin?! So I did. I had the info and quickly addressed Ed's questions and along the way, we become good friends. Please note, Ed's original Dozen Questions are below.

Before you review those questions, please take a few minutes to investigate Ed's work. The subject matter is amazingly wide, from the Federal Reserve to Personal Freedom to Cancer and health issues in books, videos, and audio recordings. Although Ed is most well know for "Creature," it is only one of a dozen major works of outstanding quality. Please visit Ed at

Wait! Just recently, and again to Ed's credit, he has moved from writer to activist. Not happy to just sit around pointing out the problems that confront us and our money, Ed founded Freedom Force International - a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power. They are not mere complainers. They have a plan to do something about it. They also share a common belief that guide them in their mission... to take back control of the power centers of society, one-by-one, and put them into the hands of people who will defend freedom.

Please avail yourself of the complete body of work in the books, audios, videos, and of course Freedom Force. And don't forget to sign up for the free weekly edition of the Unfiltered News. You will get the most amazing news from around the world.

My sincere thanks to my mentor and friend who has brought so much to the understanding of money. It is now time for the "real money" solution.

Ed's Dozen Questions

(Please note: At the time of these questions, the Liberty Dollar was named the "Petition.")

Question #1: Would buying the Petition require registering? If so, how and how much?

First the "Petition" is actually a warehouse receipt, which contains a petition statement. There is no "registry" as most people would be leery at first. Simply by the number of "Petitions" sold we will be able to measure the sentiment/resentment. If "registration" cost nothing then it is worth nothing. Everyone I talk to asks the same question, "What can I do"? The NORFED "Petition" is something you can do. It would truly be a grassroots movement. Just as most people only voice their true opposition to the government in private to a fellow friend, most "Petitions" will be sold "down-stream" from person to person, from friend to friend. You would certainly only buy such an item from someone you trusted. In fact you would not even be involved until that trust was established first.

Question #2: How would use of the "Petition" draw attention to the fraudulent Federal
Reserve system?

The use of the "Petition" will draw attention to the fact there is no backing to the Federal Reserve Notes. It will increase conversation regarding our money. And make a strong link between a $10 FRN and the $10 "Petition" backed by an ounce of silver. Just as there are questions, this induces people to talk about this new "Petition" and why would anybody want to repeal the Federal Reserve. These are questions every American should be asking each other and certainly the government. The purpose is to get people talking about the problem.

Question #3 Does NORFED keep 100% reserves at all times?

Yes. It has also been suggested to keep some silver offshore to protect it
from the government.

Question #4 How is the storage verified?

Independent physical audits, monthly.

Question #5 Where is the silver stored?
Silver will be stored by an independent third party who is a silver fabricator to guard against any possible fraudulent use of the dies. They will also provide the redemption. One source for this service is Sunshine Minting in Idaho. Another could be Silver Towne. Actually, there could be several.

Question #6 How secure is the facility?

Very. Enough to carry full insurance.

Question #7 Why is insurance necessary and why should the fee be waved?

Insurance is a fact of life and it is waived so that the Petition is less encumbered by the Warehouse Receipts requirements.

Question #8 Would redemption rights be limited in any way?

They shouldn't be. But, just as you can't cash a large check at the bank,
and as there will be some silver stored offshore, it would only be the larger independent dealers who would experience any time delay as they surrender their collected "Petitions" to the main warehouse for redemption. Anyone with ones, twos, tens or even a 100 would not be delayed. More on this later.

Question #9 Would any silver be co-mingled?


Question #10 What happens when the FRN price of silver rises above $10?

Very good question. Given the cost of production, administration, storage, delivery, etc., this "problem" happens long before silver rises above $10 per ounce. In fact this may even happen before the NORFED "Petition" can be launched.
We are now working with the leader in security printing and anti- counterfeiting. Where we have in the past focused on intaglio plates or rather what can be referred to as "old technologies," we are now drawn to the "new technologies" of holograms, etc. This new technology will also
give us much greater freedom to respond to a rapidly changing market and enable us to issue different denomination Petitions to respond to the market. It will also help us in distancing the NORFED Petition from the FRN, both legally, visually, and most importantly politically. New tech vs. Old tech. New silver backed Petition vs. Old no-backed FRN. Technically and legally the NORFED Petition is a warehouse receipt.

Question #11 Why have a FRN value at all? Why not let the price float?

First, the world still runs on FRNs. Second, it is important to draw a strong parallel between the FRN and the NORFED Petition. This sets up the comparison. In the mind of the citizen who will naturally ask, Why? As for the float, this would make the NORFED Petition impossible to function and is not permitted as a Warehouse Receipt as the WR is for a specified amount of an exact item. This question has consumed over two years of thought. We would be most happy to review all the intricacies with you. As with any point, we are most happy to entertain any new concept that works.

Question #12 Who gets the difference between spot silver and market price?

NORFED pockets the difference to pay the various costs mentioned and to organize a mass popular protest for the repeal of the Federal Reserve and a new monetary system with 100% reserves.