Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

About The Liberty Dollar

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It is very understandable to have lots of questions when you first encounter the Liberty Dollar. Please explore the links on this page and if you don't find your answer, please e-mail us at

The Liberty Dollar is real, private currency that you can use instead of your familiar US dollars. You can spend Liberty Dollars just like U.S. dollars.

The Liberty Dollar is voluntary, peaceful, and legal. It is a friendly and neighborly way to strengthen your local community’s economy, protect small businesses, and reduce our dependence on debt.

The Liberty Dollar is based on sound economics. The currency is backed by precious metals, has commodity value, and is fully owned by its bearer. There is no additional national debt incurred when the Liberty Dollar is issued.

The Liberty Dollar is honest. Each certificate contains an easy-to-read legal contract that explains exactly what you are getting. The precious metals in the warehouse that back the currency are fully insured, and are audited monthly by an independent third party.

The Liberty Dollar is used by people who care about their local communities and who want to bring about positive changes. By talking to people who use The Liberty Dollar, you’ll see that they’re thoughtful, caring people who are motivated to make a positive difference.

The Liberty Dollar was created to provide a sound monetary system and a choice to the Federal Reserve debt based money, which had enjoyed a monopoly in America since 1913. Just as FedEx competes with the Postal Service, the Liberty Dollar now offers a choice to the US dollar.

We think everyone in America should use the Liberty Dollar! It's good for you, good for the economy, and good for America!

You can spend your Liberty Dollars at any Merchant in your community who voluntarily accepts them or on the Web. You can read more about using the Liberty Dollar at what to do with your Liberty Dollars.

You can get your Liberty Dollars directly from us, from a Liberty Associate in your community, or from the RCO for your Region.

You can get started with the Liberty Dollar by simply ordering Liberty Dollars today or by signing up to be a Liberty Associate and get your Liberty Dollars at a discount on line. If you have questions about the Liberty Dollar, please call, e-mail us or contact a RCO if you are in a RCO Region.

We created the Liberty Dollar to give Americans a choice and a better currency. Since 1913, the American people has endured a rising national debt and the resulting loss of purchasing power from the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve's mismanagement of the US has caused the dollar to lose value, created the Great Depression, its vicious business cycle has caused jobs to be lost, created asset price bubbles, and is now on the verge of causing even more damage including debt catastrophe and even economic collapse.

Yikes! That doesn't sound very good. And it is not. Please do the research for yourself and you'll see that what is called 'fiat currency' or 'debt based money' in the economics literature has always collapsed throughout all of history. Due to Congress and the Federal Reserve, the U.S. dollar is a 'fiat currency' today. And to make matters worse, that currency is used to back most other country's currencies around the world.

We created the Liberty Dollar to proved a safty net for your money, we don't want to see the whole world financial system collapse (who does?). We'd rather give people a peaceful, free-market solution to protect themselves from the looming monetary meltdown. Now you have a choice. We hope you will chose to protect your purchasing power and do what is right for our great country.

You can keep using the US dollar, which is backed by:

  • The national debt,
  • Alan Greenspan's ability to see the future,
  • The IRS' ability to collect taxes,
  • The tanks and guns of the U.S. military.

Or you can start using the Liberty Dollar, which is:

100% backed and redeemable in Gold and Silver that is fully independently insured, audited, warehoused, and sits peacefully in a vault and does not stir up trouble around the world or rack up debt for your children to pay off.

Plus, the Liberty Dollar is inflation-proof so you can profit from inflation instead of the banks.

Now, which do you choose, the Federal debt-taxation-military money or the peaceful-free-market-voluntary-sound money? After all, it is your choice what you use as "money".

Well, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the Secret Service have all commented from inquiries from newspapers that the Liberty Dollar is legal and not counterfeit. Many of the articles are posted on the site.

Suffice it to say that we've been offering the Liberty Dollar for over eight years, in growing amounts as the the US Dollar has faltered, and the fact that we're here and growing every day should prove that it's OK for you to get started with the Liberty Dollar. We certainly hope so, as only you can protect your money.

If you have read this far, please order some Liberty Dollars today or click on the Introductory Essay below for an easy explanation of the Liberty Dollar.

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